Beyond the numbers

Artist : Danny Short

Album : Beyond the Numbers

Release Date : 2010

Danny follows up his debut album (Collected Times) on Invisiblegirl with an EP. Another eclectic mix of pop, balladry, and neo-psyche-prog. Rich textures of guitars and voices again dominate the mix.
The opening “Make me happy” is unapologetically up-beat with a great verse and even better chorus. Dan throws us a curve ball with some quirkly banjo and some “found sounds” at the end but this is a classic tune and deserves the widest possible audience.
The epic “Monuments and Statues” revolves around a simple descending four note structure however layers of searing guitars create an epic soundscape. Probably the most progressive piece on the EP.
The power pop of “Apologies” has a great driven feel, unfortunately not radio friendly, but capable of getting most jaded lotus eaters of their feet to do the frug.
“It is discovered is” the type of pastoral ballad that Mr Short excels at, I’m reminded of the beautiful songs that Grant McLennan created for The Go-Betweens with “Foxtrot” era Genesis, added in to create what for me is a highlight in release full of gems. Very more-ish.
“Midnight Snowfall” continues the theme and echoes some of the material on Collected Times. An elegiac piece with delicate keyboard sounds, washes of synth and ethereal vocalisations.
The closer “Beyond the Numbers” is a wonderful piece of spacey psychedelia, with drones, and other glitchy sounds rattling away under heavily echoed vocals. This can be downloaded as a taster from the Invisiblegirl web-pages
Wonderous……Another fantastic release for Mr Short and Invisiblegirl records.





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