declarations of divinity

A rather remarkable new ep from Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes popped through the letter-box at Radio House last week. It’s called “Soy Dios” and comprises lengthy psychedelic guitar music over insistent and vibrant rhythm. Almost daguello like in it’s delivery it manages to mix an evocation of the open prairies of America with the bleak industrial landscapes of Eastern Europe.

The EP comprises three versions of the same tune clocking in at an impressive nigh on thirty minutes and whilst the core of the music is built around the same central improvising concept there is sufficient variety between the three to maintain interest throughout. The eerie ambience of Soy Dios III is particularly excellent

This is the sort of post-rock music that I like – it’s not overly complex or mannered in the way so much of the sub-genre is these days. It’s built around a mesmerising drone in D minor, and delivers on an emotional level rather than trying to drive a math-rock agenda.

The CD ep is available in a limited edition of 100 with handmade sleeve.

The band comprises Brett Savage (guitar) , Nick Harris (bass) and Chris Hardman (drums) and the EP was recorded and mixed by Chris Hardman.

You can get your copy from Bandcamp.

Find out more on their My Space page.

Highly recommended for lovers of psychedelic drone and ambient.


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