cats in space redux

I accidently deleted my old Aural Delights Blog over the Christmas period and lost quite a lot of the reviews I did in 2010. Fortunately due to the wonders of “cacheing” I was able to recover a sizeable amount of the material which I spent most of January 2011 putting onto this blog.

Unfortunately my articles on one of my favourite “rockin’ teen combos” the mighty Borland were lost so I’ve decided the best thing to do is a “story so far” artist overview in anticipation of their forthcoming split 12″ with From the Kites of San Quentin and the promise of a new album sometime soon.

So here we go…..

The core of Borland is Rob Gregg and Ian Breen. They play keyboards/synths and guitar respectively – percussion is sometimes involved either via both, or Fran Douglas and sometimes there is singing from Rob and Ian and with guest vocalist including Kin.

The roster of the Borland “Big Band” as described on their Bandcamp site is a little more specific

  • Rob Gregg – Keyboards, synths, samples, sequencing
  • Ian Breen – Keyboards, synths, guitar, sequencing
  • Kin – Vocals
  • Thomas Langfield – Guitar
  • Fran Douglas – Drums

I first chanced upon them when Julia Adamson of Invisiblegirl records sent me the Borland EP Octopop which includes the simply marvellous track “The Glitch”. I was immediately attracted to their rich electronic marvels and their approach which married progressive and post rock sensibilities with synthesizer music.

The duo write and arrange their music on the Fruity Loops software programme which leads to complex and lengthy pieces of music using many different sounds, textures, and tones. Live it’s a different with Rob playing keyboards and Midi controllers whilst Ian uses his guitar through a vast array of pedals. And then there’s the dry ice.

Rob has a seperate project called Anclove and Ian is a member of both Well Wisher and Day for Airstrikes.

Releases so far and where to get them include:

Lake and Tree and Me

Octopop (Invisiblegirl)

Truth Remix (With Danny Short)


Supernova Lovers

Radio Waves

Quantum Woman

Other interesting links to source their material include

This City Is Ours which features a remix of Star Magnet from the Quantum Woman EP

Mind On Fire which features Cat Lazers from Octopop, and Delphi from

The band describe themselves  “melodramatic synths crashing over breakbeat madness punctuated with sliced vocals from famous historical figures, and little girls / new wave sex rave / four on the floor ambient hardcore”


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