from the planets they came…..offering gifts to mankind

Artist : Neuron No

Release : Neuron No E.P.

Lable : Bandcamp

Release Date : 26th February 2011

The core of The Planets (pun intended) have relaunched themselves as Neuron No and release a new E.P. to reflect  where they are going next. The quirky other worldliness (another pun intended) of The Planets schema is transmogrified into this new iteration with a type of manic intensity and off kilter progressive musicianship that we associate with Chadwick, Bowes and Roscoe (guitar/keys, bass and drums respectively) from their previous work.

The range of styles encapsulated in the four tracks on the release are a  testament to the quality of performance usually associated with these musicians – whether it is the prog-rock tropes of the rather marvellous “Neil Break Your Silence” , the aching balladry of “Airlocks”, the mad banjo lead para-billy of the excellent “Saving the World” , or the glitchy electronica coupled with mutant and busy afro-beat come ska  of “Spiders Last Moment” – which has a glorious ethereal middle section. Put it this way you won’t be lacking in aural variety when you listen to this E.P.

The players have always been vocally sound and they demonstrate their capabilities exquisitely here. Lyrically the release is the usual melange of verbal conundrums with subjects ranging from whether the moon landing actually happened to the serious business of saving the world.

There is something quintessentially English about this music – it is unique and refreshing, beautifully played and stuffed with great ideas and musical moments.

They have a launch thingy at the Dog and Patridge in Bolton on March 5th 2011 – details herein.

Highly recommended.


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