Salford Music Scene 7th June 2011 – Death to the Strange Special

As a bit of a variation on the old format this show is dedicated to one band – Death to the Strange.

Why, you ask?

Well simply because it’s about time these lads got a bit more exposure in the city, across the country and out there in the old interweb thingy. I’ve seen them live about five times now and each time they get better and better and I thought to myself seeing as we have got a good live recording of the band (thanks to Michael Chadwick of Neuron No), plus Tony T’s Acoustic recordings from his show, and a pile of studio stuff that it would be timely to do a mix of the bands output so you can catch what they sound like in various situations. And I think its also timely with their first album on the way to do a sort of this is what we have got to date sort of overvoew.

If you haven’t seen or heard them then you are in for a treat as they deliver a unique blend of close harmony, guitar led,  acoustic rock blended with amazing ambient textures and soundscapes to create an utterly unique sound – I don’t think anyone else out there is doing anything like this and I’d defy any attempt to stick them in any one pigeon hole – they transcend trends to create a balanced and vibrant sound which begs to be heard. As well as the stunning music they are lyrically top notch with both observational and evocative words that stick in the head and make you think. They are blessed with an excellent rhythm section as well – so as well as lyrical and pastoral tunes they can rock and funk out with the best of them.

So who are they……?

Daniel Clarke - Vocals and Guitar
John Lowndes - Vocals and Guitar
Rob Sewell - Keyboards and Devices
Adam Hart - Bass
Jamie Wilson - Percussion

You can find out all about them on Facebook

The Music played on the show is as follows (S= Studio Recording, L= Live Recording from May 1st 2011 at Islington Mill, A= Acoustic Set recorded for the Tony Thornborough show on Salford City Radio).

  • Shade of My Mind (S)
  • On the Clock (A)
  • Homeless with a Smile – Openshaw Blues (L)
  • Closer (S)
  • Old Man (A)
  • Bandit (L)
  • In Orbit (L)
  • Fools Follow Rules (S) (Radio Edit)
  • Drip Drop (A)
  • Closer (L)
  • Shade of My Mind (A)
  • Old Man (S)
  • On the Clock (L)
  • Drink and the Devil (L/S)


Click the link below to listen


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