World of Jazz – 9th June 2011

On this show more from that excellent new album from Tim Berne, Jim Black and Nels Cline – “The Veil” – together with associated music from the three band members, and other more ambient jazz music and a little side step to the wonderfully eclectic world of Dengue Fever.

  • Berne, Black and Cline – The Veil – The Veil – details here
  • Drew Gress – It was after the range that the angel came – Spin and Drift – details here
  • Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Orchestra – The Palace of the Tiger Women (Kave Kon Remix) – website
  • Dengue Fever – Monsoon of Perfume – Venus on Earth – website
  • Nels Cline – McNeil Island/Pumpkin – New Monastery – website
  • Jim Black’s Alasnoaxis – Ant Work Song – Splay – website
  • The Impossible Gentlemen – Wallenda’s Last Stand – The Impossible Gentlemen – website
  • Miles Davis – When I Fall In Love – Steamin’ – website
  • Bugge Wesseltoft – Heim – Moving – MySpace

Click on the link below to listen


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