Salford Music Scene – 21st June 2011 – Inflictors Special

The second, in what might become an ongoing series of detailed profiles of Salford bands – this time we are focusing on The Inflictors. As this lot tend to get a lot of respect from myself on this blog and elsewhere  they probably need no introduction but if you have not heard them yet this show encompasses a good deal of what they have done to date in four separate situations i.e. selections from their debut album, a rehearsal jam, a solo acoustic session lead singer Cameron O’Hagan did for the Tony Thornborough show (Monday nights at 9pm on Salford City Radio), and a live recording from Islington Mill in May 2011.

The band deal in raw, emotional and highly charged garage rock with a serious nods towards the blues, punk, country, and folk. They write excellent songs and Cameron’s lyrics are full of imagery including everything from eroticism, guilt, polemic, through to redemption bundled up in a bundle of  urban noire.. As a live band you will not see or hear many better at the moment – they play heads down no nonsense tunes with great technique and a great deal of passion. If you hanker for the days when rock got your mojo rising and made the hairs on the back of your head stand up then I strongly recommend you check them out.

The Band consist of :

Cameron O'Hagan - Vocals, Guitar, Harp
Simon Jones - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Watts - Guitar
Brian Fanning - Bass
Joe Salmon - Drums

The music played on the show is as follows:

  • One of Understanding (Album Track)
  • The Psalms (Cameron solo acoustic from the Tony Thornborough show)
  • Crooked and Bent (Live from Islington Mill)
  • Swing that Pick (Album Track)
  • Mojo Rising (Rehearsal Jam – Neale James is on bass on this track)
  • Dusty Demons (Cameron solo acoustic from the Tony Thornborough show)
  • The Whip (Album Track)
  • Clap Your Hands (Live from Islington Mill)
  • Been Down (Album Track)
  • Way Down in the City (Live from Islington Mill)
  • Hits You (Album Track)
  • The Fool (Live from Islington Mill)
  • Clap Your Hands (Album Track)
  • Dusty Demons (Live from Islington Mill)
  • Way Down in the City (Album Track)
  • Higher and Superior (Album Track)
To listen to the show click on the link below….

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