Psychedelic Space Rock Funk Shake Your Booty etc

No*Tokyo – EP

Digital Release/Physical Version from Piccadilly Records

May 2011

Just got this from the band.

The website says

“Formed in late 2009, NO*TOKYO are Daz Whittaker (Vocals), Ernie Robinson (Guitar), Lee Graham (Bass) and Dale Baker (Drums). They craft a unique mix of Psychedelic Space Rock and Danceable Indie, with Powerful Vocals, Big Guitars, Dub Inflected Bass lines, and Dance Driven Drum Beats.”

They are a Manchester band with an intriguing mix of funky bass and wall of sound guitars – interesting conceptually to mingle the almost shoegaze guitars (with all the layers of sound and obvious use of pedals) with such an up front bass sound and couple them with a cinematic highly reverbed and echoed vocal style. The opener “Ego Healer” caught my attention after a couple of listens and I guess this is a band you need to take time to get into because there is something subtle going on here – there is a danger that they could get labled as “typical” Manc indie when in fact there is probably more to them that. If you want a lazy comparison then I’d say they remind me of a less heavy version of Amplifier.

Worth checking out on Spotify to see if they float your boat and I would imagine they would be good to see live.


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