Salford Music Scene – 1st November 2011 – The Fall Studio Albums Part 1

In the run up to the release, on 14th November,  of the 29th studio album from The Fall in this show and the next I will play a track from each of the preceding 28……requests, suggestions, nominations etc have been received, and in some cases cast aside where the length of the proposal would have meant  I would have had to do four shows. Anyway here is part 1 of the offering…..enjoy!

  1. Live at the Witch Trials (1979)  Underground Medecin – recorded in December 1978 with the line up of Smith, Bramah, Pawlett, Riley and Burns – this album captures the group at their early prime reflecting to some degree their output between 1976 and the recording date.
  2. Dragnet (1979) Psykick Dancehall – several months later with a new line up of Smith, Scanlon, Riley, Hanley S and Leigh – and a totally different sound – the closest the group got towards pop at the time – recorded at Cargo Studios in Rochdale.
  3. Grotesque (1980) Pay Your Rates – moving to Rough Trade and with a change of drummer with Mike Leigh being replaced by Paul Hanley – an altogether more garage sound.
  4. Slates (1981) Leave the Capital – Dave Tucker added on clarinet and the group demonstrating they COULD play their instruments. The first Fall tune I played on Salford City Radio and one of the reasons I got a DJ slot.
  5. Hex Enduction Hour (1982) Jawbone and the Air Rifle – Tucker out and Karl Burns added as a second drummer – consistently wins best Fall album polls and contains some memorable moments.
  6. Room to Live (1982) Joker Hysterical Face – Marc Riley’s last recorded effort with the group – a mini album which preceded a lengthy tour of the Antipodes. Classic Smith lyrics on this memorable tune.
  7. Perverted By Language (1983) Hotel Bloedel – Riley out and Brix Smith in to create the beginnings of a brand new sound – during this year the Fall live was a challenge to all but the most committed fan – a unique track from an otherwise hard and visceral album.
  8. The Wonderful and Frightening world of …. (1984) Stephen Song – a move to Beggars Bannquet and the band operating a refreshing new approach – Gavin Friday of the Virgin Prunes guests on vocals.
  9. This Nations Saving Grace (1985) Spoilt Victorian Child – Hanley S on paternity leave in the earlier part of the year lead to the introduction of Simon Rogers who , on Steve’s return became a third guitarist and keyboard player. Held up by many as the best Fall album.
  10. Bend Sinister (1986) ROD – Burns out and Wolstencroft in on drums – classic Fall tracks dominate this album with yet another new sound developing.
  11. The Frenz Experiment (1988) Frenz – Rogers out and Marcia Schofield in – released following pop chart success with There’s A Ghost in My House, Victoria and Hit The North – some standout tracks on album which was the polar opposite of the singles the band were releasing.
  12. I am Kurious Oranj (1988) Van Plague – From a ballet which Smith collaborated on with dancer Michael Clarke – as with much of Smith’s lyrical output a tale which can read on many different level….
  13. Extricate (1990) Bill is Dead – Brix leaves the group and Mark and Martin Bramah returns to create another change in the sound
  14. Shift-Work (1991)  Book of Lies – Schofield and Bramah leave during an Australian Tour and Kenny Brady is brought in on violin and keyboards providing for yet another shift in direction…….
as Mr Peel said “always different, always the same”…..Thanks to  Mike Battman, Robert Miebner, Toska Wilde, Jon Coupe,  Dusty Moonan,  John Warmisham, Chris in Copenhagen, Steve Hamilton, SD, and  Graeme Larmour for the suggestions – some of which got played! To listen to the show click on the link below……

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