Aural Delights Radio Show – 2nd November 2011

The playlist for this show was

  • Matadors – Battles – all the info is here………
  • Don’t Touch the Walls – Echoes – Don’t Touch the Walls are an alternative/folk/rock band from Birmingham. Their music is made up of strong rhythms, driving guitar and cutting male-female vocal harmonies. With influences coming from the worlds of folk, rock, funk and pop they are working hard at bringing their music to new listeners.
  • Periscope – Paper Flowers – Released on 21/10/2011 as a free download single with the option to donate to for more info                   visit
  • The Criminal Crew – Edgar Wallace – THE CRIMINAL CREW is a fun project by Markus Gather, Markus Reinartz and Carola Kickers. It combines elements of Swing, Rap and Hip Hop and is meant as an irreverent homage on the German Edgar Wallace movies made in the 60s. The Criminal Crew’s “Edgar Wallace – The Midnight Movie Mix” is being re-released to coincide with the release of the forthcoming UK horror film “The Zombie King”
  • The Ventures – Psychedelic Venture – a raver from the vaults
  • Matadors – Moscow
  • Moff Skellington – Thought Kidney Syndrome – from the new album “Embers from the Rapid Eye”
  • Don’t Touch The Walls – The Flood
  • Silent Thinkers – A Silent Thinker – David Affleck is the former frontman & songwriter of a UK band from North East England, called ‘This City Romance’ who performed in a major UK music festival and at ‘E4’s Secret Skins Party’ (Skins is a popular UK TV show for young adults). David then went solo, and has had his one of songs featured on the award winning Soundtrack to the feature film ‘The Dinner Party’. Affleck is now a student at London’s Tech Schools, one of the leading schools in the UK for musicians, where he met up with guitarist Matt Bloomer from the North West of England, and formed the new band ‘Silent Thinkers’. Silent Thinkers debut is a 3 track Concept demo entitled ‘The Soldier Of Romance’. Each song tells a different story about the same person & his life’s journey.
  • Perplexa – Mariposa – one of my albums of the year
  • The Coke Authority – Act A Fool – Although the band gave themselves their name, purely because they liked the sound of it, other people have been coming up with various ideas on how their name came about, one suggestion being The Coke Authority’s music is commentary on the institution of addictive behaviour in youth.
    With the band having members from Latvia, Norway and Italy, they are now beginning to attract an international following, with their popularity resulting in headline gigs at a number of top venues in London to date. Information on soon to be announced gig dates along with further details on The Coke Authority can be found on their website
  • Matadors – Grace’s Trigger
  • Don’t Touch The Walls – Witches
  • Spirits of the Dead – White Lady Black Rave – a psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock band with one foot in the electric magic of the seventies and the other in the modern electric rock sound of 2012.
To listen to the show click on the link below

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