Salford Music Scene – 8th November 2011 – Fall Studio Albums Part 2

Part 2 of the shows featuring a track from each of  The Fall studio albums to date…..

  • Code : Selfish – 1992 – Free Range : Kenny Brady was out and Dave Bush was in on keyboards giving The Fall a more techno oriented sound as evidenced on this Smith-Wolstencroft classic
  • The Infotainment Scan – 1993 – Paranoia Man – perhaps the high-point of this iteration of the group with some memorable tunes and riffs.
  • Middle Class Revolt – 1994 – Behind the Counter – some view this album as a bit of a low point in the career of The Fall. There are some stand out songs including this live staple of the time.
  • Cerebral Caustic -1995 –  One Day – So Smith shook things up again with the return of his ex-wife on guitar/vocals and the addition of a second drummer with Karl Burns being brought back into the fold. A track that was never played live – oddly.
  • The Light User Syndrome – 1996 – Powder Keg –  Scanlon had departed after many years service, as had Bush to be replaced by Julia Nagle. A fierce and uncompromising album with a number of stand out track including this piece of MES pre-cog.
  • Levitate – 1997 – I’m A Mummy – More changes with Wolstencroft and Brix leaving and Tommy Crooks coming in on guitar. A band which was to split during an American tour. A mixed album with some stand out tracks and one or two simply odd ones including this cover version.
  • The Marshall Suite – 1999 – Antidotes – Hanley, Crooks and Burns left to be replaced by Wilding, Helal and Head. Notable for its lavish production this saw the group moving into new musical territory. Does this sound like Kashmir by Led Zepp? Possibly.
  • The Unutterable -2000 – Dr. Bucks Letter – another high-point album with some memorable Fall moments including this tremendous tune. For many years Fall theorists claimed this was about Charles Bukowski until Fall Lyrics Book Volume 2 indicated the real truth – Dr Buck sells herbal remedies for prostate cancer.
  • Are You Are Missing Winner – 2001 – Jims The Fall – uinversally derided by many as the groups worst album – I like it myself and it has a number of key moments including this great tune  by Jim Watts – the band had changed completely by this album from the preceding with the new line-up formerly being part of Ed Blaney’s Trigger Happy.
  • The Real New Fall LP – 2003 – Mountain Energei – a long wait between albums as the first version of this release (Country on the Click) had been leaked on the internet. By this time Dave Milner was drumming with the band and he wrote this great tune which has MES philosophising on mortgages, talking fish and Lord Byron.
  • Fall Heads Roll – 2005 – You Wanner – this version of the Fall was tight, muscular and created a great live sound – however it was not to last for long.
  • Reformation Post TLC -2007 – Coaches and Horses – another band split on an American tour and the drafting in of Orpheo McCord, Tim Presley and Rob Barbato from the US and Dave Spurr from the Lancashire hills lead to an altogether fresher sound.
  • Imperial Wax Solvent -2008 – Can Can Summer – the line up changed again, but it has not changed since with Elena Poulou, Pete Greenway, Dave Spurr, and Keiron Melling forming the excellent unit which supports MES to this day. This album saw them exploring new areas including this excellent song which evokes a kraut-rock whilst remaining typical Fall-like.
  • Your Future Our Clutter – 2010 – Mexico Wax Solvent – and so to the last one until the new one comes out next Monday. The Fall in full on mode with some signature tunes which demonstrate that thirty odd years after formation they are still delivering.
To listen click the link below…..

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