The violin and its’ place in modern rock music – an ongoing debate

Air Cav

Don’t  Look Indoors

Crystalline Recordings CRYCD11 – 5th December 2011

Single “A Call to Arms” Released 7th November 2011 – download only

Impressive debut album for this Manchester four piece consisting of :

Chris Nield – vocals/guitar, Sophie Parkes – violin, Allan Gaskin – drums and Oisin Scarlett- bass

This lot have not been on my radar to date – a pity as they are impressive.

The PR says:

“There’s no point denying Don’t Look Indoors’ influences, they fall somewhere between a myriad of intersections; the velveteen expanses of 4AD’s 80s output, the warmly psychedelic imprint that the likes of Spaceman 3 sought to pre-cursor shoegaze with, all underpinned by a pounding rhythmic motorik. Then there’s more rustic touches, tinges of violin that suggest a more than passing interest in English contemporary folk, yet combining that with rugged vocal melodies in order to concoct something more ostentatious – it’s this tapestry that led to the group finding themselves a fan in Toronto-based producer Noah Mintz (Broken Social Scene, The Dears, Stars) who mastered and provided feedback on the album.”

Pretty near the mark there I would have said – a sort of spacy post-punk aesthetic with a touch of kraut-rock (Neu! rather than Can) in the old percussion department there, and a smattering of “Gedge”. There are some nice noisy bits as well which fit in with the melodic vocalising and the violin fits seamlessly into the whole soundscape which is a tribute to the bands abilities. The stand out tracks for me are “Here Be Dragons” and the single.

All in all a notable debut and well worth checking out. I will be playing tracks from this on Salford Music Scene in future weeks.

Facebook link here

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