Salford Music Scene -15th November 2011

On this show

  • The Fall – Cosmos 7 – Ersazt GB – 29th Studio Album and very fine it is to. Produced by our own Simon Archer and Mark E. Smith. Came out yestersday.
  • Factory Star – Lucybel – Single – christmas starts early with this rather fine tune from Mr Bramah and his merry elves.
  • Monster Island – E-Music – Cathedral Steps – a wonderful new album from the rather excellent trio from Darwen
  • Monster Island – Estate # 4 – Cathedral Steps – as above
  • Well North of Watford – Forever and a day – Demo – he lives in Little Hulton and his true identity is a closely guarded secret
  • Kit B – Disappear Here – Demo – Mr Cusick of Hulme and Salford  playing tunes as only he knows best.
  • The Fall – Mask Search-  Ersazt GB – another one from the new album
  • The Ninth Watch – Fortunes Wheel – newly formed, no website yet, but there is a new track due soon – this is good.
  • White Noise Box – Mellow – Demo – Stockport band who are rather fine indeed.
  • The Mang Mang Mangs –  The Large Cool Store – Demo –  playing Manchester 30th November
  • Monster Island – Roads – Cathedral Steps – another pair of tunes from the new album – I thought this was a good piece of social commentary
  • Monster Island – Pilot Whales – Cathedral Steps – was the single and has a rather fine video that goes with it
  • George White – Foreign Grounds – Single – don’t know much about this chap – this is from his new EP.
  • Kit B – Binary – Demo – another one from Danny
  • The Fall – Lap Top Dog – Single – the single, and its on the album as well
To listen to the show then click on the link below

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