a hard, smooth, finish with diagonal ribs……..

Whipcord – Whipcord

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The other night I was bemoaning the fact that many of our  finest local bands had not released much this year in terms of product and then I remembered that Nick Barry from Whipcord had sent me the links from the new album so I got off my indolent backside and gave it a good listen. It is very good indeed and demonstrates that the rock side of the music scene in the two cities is very healthy indeed.

If you do not know the band I can use the marvels of cut and paste to borrow some words from their website……

“Whipcord are a rock n’ roll power trio from Manchester, UK. Within the noise is a classicist rock feel, drowning in a tar pool of punk rock fury. Being described as ‘the bastard child of Motorhead and Foo Fighters’ and that ‘…of polished anarchy, not unlike The Who’s live shows’.

Formed in Ancoats, Manchester 2006, by Duncan Purcell and Nicholas Barry; Whipcord quickly gained attention on the Manchester scene for there bewildering volume and volatile lives shows which soon spread to touring endlessly around the UK. 2009 saw the release of the bands first single ‘See You & Tea’, it was also during this year the revolving door of drummers began…Enter Gaz! With his addition – truly solidifying the sound, they quickly carried on where they left off – hitting the road and the studio.

The band recently ended the year of a number of successful gigs at Club Academy Manchester, to promote there new self titled LP – a mixture of old and newer material.”

A fairly aposite description of what you get on the album however I would add to the descriptors that there is an element of Sonic Youth’s aural barrage to add to that, and Nick tends to get a bit “hardcore” or even “post-hardcore” with his vocals at times, whilst also retaining a distinct sense of melody in certain tunes.

You should expect, and you get, four to the floor hard rock with no prisoners taken and little quarter given. I would imagine the mosh-pit at one of their gigs is not a place for the faint hearted.  With tracks like “Thistledown” they demonstrate an excellent grasp of what their genre is all about and don’t bring any of the usual leather and kohl cliches. The utterly marvellous “Dread Stop Bop” also demonstrates they can make the music unique and allow it to step out of genre confines. Barry’s admiration of King Crimson is apparent from this track – and he manages to take bits of the Fripp way of doing things and move them on into a contemporary soundscape.

If you like your rock hard and with a punk edge then this is an album for you – refreshing and different enough to lift it above the usual rock tropes – and it is exceedingly loud, in a good way.

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