Music Diary #9 – 9th January 2012 – the boys are back in tone…..

And so today there was, at long last, a new release from Borland.

It is called “Romantic Animals” and is released on Gulf Records via Bandcamp – here

Matters kick off with a sumptuous reworking of “Wildlife” which, if I recall, first saw the light of day on a Mind on Fire Compilation. A Bartonesque organ patch gives way to waves of synthesis and reverbed percussion – a fine reinterpretation of a great piece.

The motorik “Delphi” is classic Borland – all busy percussion and muttered sampled voices lost in a fog of laminal synthesis.

“Fire, Ice and Dynamite” drops the speed a  peg or two and offers the well known stately Borland progressive model – almost God!Speed like in it’s approach and with a delicious closing section of chittering percussion.

Things get a tad jazzy for the off-kilter “Polar Bears” with its scattered piano sounds lying under a bed of cheeky synthesis which morphs Floyd-like into banks of choral sounds floating ethereally through some sort of cosmic fog.

The closing “Moondog” continues in the same vein over an insistent Neu! like rhythm and a repeated piano phrase, all analogue-y and gorgeous and a nod towards a Chicago (Tortoise) sound with its various  bits and pieces. The signature Gregg howling windscape closes the album.

It’s been a bit of a wait for something new from Breen and Gregg but it’s been worth it.  It is rather fine indeed and moves on nicely from the trio of EPs which came out in  Spring 2010 and last years split with FTKOSQ.

Don’t leave it so long next time chaps!

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