Music Diary #28 – 30th January 2012

Well I got to the end of the first month nearly on an entry a day but last weeks gig organisation got the better of me so I’ve bowed to the inevitable and am going to do these when I can rather than when I should.

So in the last few days there has been music in from:

  • Boomin – a 3-piece pop/rock band from Wigan, who are currently recording their debut album which is scheduled for release in early summer this year. They sent me two songs and I was mightily impressed.
  • The Wonderful Sound the Cinema Organ – are a nine piece from Leeds who combine a great jazz sound with some strong songs. Highly recommended.
  • The Fiction – a three piece from Manchester (well Leigh if I am being geographically accurate)  who have an EP out in March called “The Greatest Hits” – powerful rock trio with a good melodic sound.
  • Rebellious Jukebox – reacquainting myself with the sound of this band who have a new single out soon – via the lovely Longevity lable – if you have not caught their “Slave to Lust” yet then I suggest you do yourself a favour. Any band that names itself after a track by The Fall is likely to get my attention anyway

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