Music Diary #44

I’m not normally one for long lists of things that people should listen to (I tend to leave that until the end of the year)  but since I last wrote this thing I have had over 40 new artists send some music in……… so being rather short of time due to other commitments I will merely suggest that you should listen out for the following on future radio shows from the SCR Alliance.

Here are the bands/artists that proved to be delivering new and exciting music – some I have featured before….most of them can be tracked down and listened to on Facebook and Bandcamp…..

  • Alistair Banks – drummer who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease who has got together with musician friends to make an album – proceeds go to charity
  • ArtClassSink – a four piece from Oxford
  • Babysun – Irish band with a great relaxed sound
  • Beyond Recognition –  a hard rock / metal band from Manchester
  • Breton – Art rockers from London with a quirky approach to music
  • Cable35 – grunge/punk noise niks who play The Roadhouse in April
  • Casino – Indie band from Belfast
  • Dave Graney – the high priest of cool back with a new single ….. marvellous
  • Dave Shank – cool jazz with vibes – luxury
  • Edwin Miles –  a singer / songwriter based in Manchester.
  • Emma Elizabeth – a singer songwriter from NW London, currently based in Manchester.
  • English Mutts – Moston’s finest with a great new tune.
  • Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – preview tracks from the forthcoming album “Beat of the Moans”
  • Gentlemen Duke –  a four piece new country folk band from Kent. Don’t let that description put you off
  • Kill for Company – new track from the dynamic duo.
  • Kit B – fantastic piece of surf reggae from Danny and Monty
  • Marc Broude – amazing JAMC style shoegazer
  • Miss Lucid – offer their own style of  ’in your face’ rock, driven with the punk/grunge undertones of bands such as The Clash and Nirvana, blending large sonic soundscapes and crafted melodies reminiscent of Oceansize and The Doves. This 4- piece are ready to make waves in 2012. – indeed…..don’t be put off by the hyperbole they are rather good
  • Odoghan – hard rockers from Buenos Aeres
  • One And A Zero – Manc/Salf indie rock types with an interesting line -up – the violin does appear to be more prevalent in bands round these parts these days
  • Premise Beach – amazing single from a stunning player – also with a great remix by “Working for a Nuclear Free City”
  • The Aluskas – another irish band
  • The Atelier – great soul/urban band with a touch of blues/jazz from that London.
  • The Centrals – great Manc band with fab tunes
  • The Destroyers – mad Brummies …brilliant
  • The Neon Mile – Four-piece indie/folk/rock band from Bournemouth formed amongst the rubble of yesteryears whims and fancies (they say) – impressive
  • Today They Are Older – prog metal howlers from Darwen/Blackburn….
  • White Cliff – indie rockers from Liverpool with a nice sound

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