Music Diary # 46

A busy time with scarce minutes available for music however I would point out the following for your consideration:

  • The Calimocho Club have a £5 cheap list for theur show with Those Darlins @ The Ruby Lounge, Manchester on Tuesday April 3rd – get in touch via their Facebook Page if you want adding to the list! It’s £8 advance or £10 on the door so well worth doing…
  • Dope Body, have an album out on  4 June, called  Natural History. This is the Drag City debut for the band. It’s rather marvellous – all scratchy noises and tumbling percussion, laconic/howling vocalisation and scribbly guitars – there are a number of bands aiming to fill the gap left by the dissolution of Sonic Youth and these appear to have the right attitude and approach. The mutant offspring of The Swans and Mudhoney.
  • Screaming Martini are a 4 piece rock band from Cardiff & Newport – their lead track is a bit indie pop but the other two show promise with more of a screamo feel
  • Robot House have changed their to Tall For Jockeys and have released a new EP.  Very good it is too.
  • Electro-Rock duo Any Color Black from Glasgow release their début single on Black Sugar Music on 19th March 2012. Taken from their forthcoming début album ‘Sex & Love’. You features two remixes from ‘Dandy Riots’ and ‘Death or Game over’.
  • Hunting Bears have sent me a new track “I’m of a mind” which is a groovy little number.
  • Impressed by the work that Natalie Indya West is producing – seems to be able capture an edgy sound whilst maintaining a pop sensibility
  • The Blue Beat Arkestra from Birmingham have an excellent new tune called “Move On” which is well worth a listen.
  • Very taken with “The Dusty Road” by Camila Kill also from Birmingham – starts off really quiet and then builds into a great mood piece.
  • I recommend you check out Quadrilles  who have a fascinating sound – a marriage of post-rock and a sort of electro-folk-math. Their EP is available on Bandcamp for nothing…..
  • Talking of free get the new SCR download from our webpages – it features the legendary George Borowski in session…
  • Mixed views on The Reads at Radio House …. I rather like their new single “Galaxy Egg” and I have an acoustic version which is very good indeed
  • I’ll be doing a review of  The Slow Show EP elsewhere shortly but I bring it to your attention here as it is rather good indeed
  • Bourbon Street Beat  are local and have a great bluesy feel ….watch out for them on Salford Music Radio Show.

That’s your lot for now….

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