Life Chances

Day of Days

Chances of Life EP

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I get a lot of indie stuff in through the in-box and post tray and generally it’s all Clodplay (sic)  clones or jingly jangly four to the floor stuff where the singer sounds like he/she is having some sort of serious traumatic experience (the tendency is to yelp and howl in equal measure these days for no readily apparent reason). This lot from Crieff, in Scotland (near Perth if that helps)  are one of the ones where I go – ahah! something different and refreshing. In short – very good indeed.

Day of Days are an all male four piece brought together – they say –  by the uncomplicated, undeniable need to make powerful, uplifting and emotionally moving music.  Well they appear to have delivered that manifesto – the music is melodic, the vocals are a mix of angelic (think Sigur Ros in parts) and insouciant and playful indie-ism.

The stand out track on the EP is “Darwin” which full of great guitar licks and some impressive vocal work.  The off kilter rhythms of “Fierce Mink” are also particularly palatable with its math guitars and  varying structures. I was also struck by the neo-prog focus of “Network Riot” which has a particularly interest insistent feel and moves around some quite exciting areas built upon a driving guitar figure. The quieter opening  reflection of “Three” builds into a something that could have come out of the New York downtown scene in the late seventies…..almost motorik in parts with incandescent tumbling guitars. The opening title track is a delightful melodic piece which is a bit of a grower.

All in all a very fine piece of work and well worth checking out.


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