Interview with GlassHeads

GlassHeads are a band from Wigan. They are Ian McCluskey – Vocals/Guitar, Andy McKay – Guitar, Andrew Seddon – Bass and Jon Davenport – Drums.

I’ve been playing their music for a while now so I thought I would rustle up a quick interview with them to coincide with the release of their new single “Pressure Cooker”

So here we go……..

(1) When were Glassheads formed? Were you in any other bands previously? How did you get together?

We formed GlassHeads in summer 2009. Ian, Jon & Andrew were in a band called- Blue Vinly for a while but wanted a change of direction. So we asked Andy McKay (Macca) to join, switched vocals to Ian and started a fresh. Macca had been in various bands, we used to all rehearse in the same building, so we were always bumping in to each other and started going for a pint and Macca came down to our practice with his guitar and it just added another edge we had been looking for. The rest of us had been mates since primary school.

(2) What is the story behind the new single?  

The song “Pressure Cooker” is about speaking up if you have a problem instead of just moaning about it and doing nothing, letting that anger build inside. It was inspired by everything that’s been going on with the economy and in our own lives over the past few years. All you read about in the papers and hear on news is, banking crisis, credit crunch, bad times ahead. its just our take on all that. It is released Monday 23rd April on Microdot Recordings, available on Itunes & Amazon.

(3) Is there an album planned?

Yes there will be an album, hopefully later in the year. The vast majority of tracks are ready to go. We are just putting the finishing touches and writing/recording the last few songs.

(4) What has been your most successful gig to date?

We had a busy 2011 playing live and did lots of good gigs and festivals over the summer period with, Kid British & The Futureheads. BBC Manchester Introducing have been giving us a lot of support and asked us to play one of their “Introducing” nights which are recorded and played back on the show. That gig stands out to us because when you put a lot of time and effort in playing live, it is nice to be asked by the likes of the BBC to play them gigs.

(5) The Wigan music scene seems quite strong at the moment – do you agree?

Wigan has always had a good music scene and lots of bands, most people we know are in bands or connected to bands. The Suzukis & The Dead Shores are good friends of ours and both great bands, we have done its of gigs with each other over the years.
(6) Are there any good venues in Wigan that you would recommend to punters for listening to music.

“The Tudor” is best for live bands, there have been lots of band nights at venues over the years but, “The Tudor” always has the best sound and atmosphere, they also sell the best ale.

(7) Which bands have influenced the GlassHeads sound?

Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Clash, The Jam, Lee Scratch Perry, Television, Teardrop Explodes……….

(8) Which bands are you currently listening to ….

Fleet Foxes, The Strokes, Mayer Hawthorne, Television,  Band Of Horses, Michael Kiwanuka, Love………..

(9) Who writes the songs in the band – how do you go about putting songs together?

Usually one person will have an idea that forms the basis of a song, whether it be bass, guitar even a drum beat. Everyone adds their own style & ideas to create a finished piece. Sometimes we do a good jam that we all like and we turn that into a song in its own right. We always record when we are in the band room and listen to evrything back we have done. Words are usually personal to who ever wrote them and dont tend to get as much band input as the music.

(10) Any gigs planned – where and when?

We are in the process of sorting out a small tour to run alongside the single release, check our website for details-

Here is the new single…….

Previous releases by the band….include the first single “Error of Your Ways” (January 2011)

and “Man In The Street” (May 2011)

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