More gigs than you can shake a stick at…..

In a veritable flurry of activity the Salford Music Scene will be seeing three consecutive weeks of high profile giggery and ancillary tomfoolery.

First up a new thing called “Salford Noise” which appears to be emerging from the University Campus to delight us with a range of bands. The line-up is impressive and it’s a good deal at £7 for all three nights, or £3 a gig.

  • Monday 23rd The Crescent: Doldrums, Boddickers, Seahawk, Missed You At The Show
  • Tuesday 24th The Black Lion: Scarlet Ocean, Bears?BEARS!, Falls, Marley’s Chains, Kerfuffle (Also there is an acoustic stage playing in-between acts)
  • Wednesday 25th Islington Mill: Treehouse, Freed By Mice, Chuggernaught, Shauna Mackin (She’s also releasing her EP), The Feud
I will be featuring some of these bands on my shows week beginning 16th.
The following Thursday sees our next Music Night at the Kings Arms to raise much needed resources for Salford City Radio…..the details are…

This gig also happens to be the launch of the new EP from Trojan Horse so it should be a belter.

The following three days are consumed by the Temptations of Toska Wilde which has  now been extended from a one night stand to Three glorious nights of Temptation and Forbidden Fruits!

Friday 04 May The TNT Experience Crescent 20, Salford

Acts start at 19.00 and will finish by 23.00

George Boomsma (from Eskimo Sandwich and The Shaken Bakers 7:20 – 7:50 pm
Tom Metcalfe ( 8:00 – 8:30 pm
The Joint ( 8:45 – 9:15 pm
The Loaded Dice ( 9:30 – 10:00 pm
System Fault 10.15 – 10:45 pm

Saturday 05 May The TNT Experience Crescent 20, Salford
Start Time 18.00

The Get
They Kill Superheroes
Ten Tigers
Black Light Mutants
Mr Heart
Taser Puppets
Kill Pretty

Start but will be around 18.45 – 19.00

Sunday 06 May TNT Experience at The Hope, Eccles Old Road, Salford

19.00 Start. (set order to be confirmed)

Dusty Moonan of West Coast Sick Line
My Disabled Daughter (Will Daughter)
David Affleck Solo (Silent Thinkers)
Salty Lips
Kurt Dirt (from The Bad Taste Barbies)
The Blimp
Luis Drayton

And if that were not enough to enlighten the jaded palate of any audiophile then the launch of the new EP from The Ascension – ‘Blood Upon The Rose’ will be on Wednesday May 9th at the Kings Arms.
To mark the event the bandwill be playing their first live set in over six months with new sticksman Aaron Conrad Sawyer.

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