Music Diary #48

A bit behind due to various matters and an ear infection but there you go – highlights of the last week or so are :

  • The Yipes – 5 piece  indie/rock/ska/reggae/punk band from Telford – two new tracks sent in – enjoyable high tempo stuff with more than a bit of fun….
  • Circle – Three piece dream-pop band from Australia – single from forthcoming album “Fashion Me A Drum” – pop-tastic rhythmic stuff with a nod to the Go-Betweens…
  • White Vinyl – 5 piece surf psychedelia band from Manchester –  does what is says in the tin….mutant punkish rhythms morph into indie angst ridden workouts
  • The Rhubarbs – 4 piece garage rock band from Bath – scabrous guitars and insistent vocals raise this above the average…..
  • The Black Paths – Solo electronica from Walkden – exquisite…..
  • White Powder Gold – Indie,Punk, Electro, Dubstep,Rock,Reggae,D&B four piece from London – Single “Rock N Rolla” (supposed to be a clean edit but frankly they have not made a good job of it….lots of effing and not much jeffing)…..could the next big thing……but then again probably not….reminds me of something I heard in the back of the “Frog and Appendix” in Northampton in 1972.
  • Crass – Ten Notes On A Summers Day – the penultimate piece of the Crassical sextet collection which has been a long time coming but is definitely worth the wait. One of the most varied releases in the canon, providing an even greater understanding of the legacy of Crass that continues to reign to this day. Very avant jazz in parts.
  • AAAK (As Able As Kane) – three free downloads from their new blog – all lovely……
  • English Mutts – new demo – Proud Man – Da Mutts are on fire at the moment and are producing quality pop…..a great 60s feel to this… but with something else added into the mix which makes it modern…..
  • Salford Noise Festival – running from 23rd-25th April at various locations (see other blog entry) – sample tracks from bands that are playing…..Bears?BEARS!/Kerfuffle/Seahawk/Shauna Mackin – all excellent stuff — more bands from the University need to get airplay on our radio station if they are all this good…..
  •  The Duel – Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story) – album featuring the legendary Max Splodge – most odd
  • New albums from Wolfbrigade, The Melvins,  and Bong – unlistenable doom metal rantings, glorious over the top-ness (adjacent to Black Sabbaths first album with a avant jazz string section added – John Zorn meets Tony Iommi with Philip Glass in a pastie shop on Leeds Station) and psychdelically long-form trancey (in that order)……
  • China Rats- a four piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Leeds, “who are all swagger and tight jeans, inspired by a love of punk’s riotous guitars, 50’s pop and classic British guitar bands.” – who writes this stuff? A perverse mix of The La’s, The Ramones and Herman’s Hermits I would proffer – not bad.
  • The Band Of Skulls have announced details of the release of a new single. Sweet Sour will be released on Sunday May 6th 2012 through Electric Blues Recordings. – very impressive and a little adjacent to something else I’ve heard – ooooh about thirty years ago – what goes around comes around etc….very good.
  • The Vanity Project – 3 piece from Rossendale – new EP Time Stands Still – acoustic loveliness….and free to download.
  • Voice of Addiction – 3 piece from Chicago – album Reduce, Re-use, Resist – punk rock – excellent!
  • Positronik – Our very own   – the new single “Don’t Come Crying”  out soon is pop perfection and …… express yourself….it’s one on one…. Positronik for Eurovision!
  • Clockwork Radio – preview track from new EP – Feel It Up – a tad disappointed by this after their previous stuff…..but still very good and perhaps representative of the “current” Manc indie sound (cf. Dutch Uncles etc etc)
  • Black Lights – new Live EP – quality music and a great voice……
  • Raving Wild – electro acoustic duo – – three tracks and one to follow……insteresting blend of acoustic and ambient sounds….
  • Limozone  – Welcome to the Rodeo single – touted as the next big thing (as most things are these days) – loud slacker pub rock with nods to the New York Dolls I would guess is the best description…..
  • The Words – Head Over Hells – quality stuff…a fine follow up to the excellent “Demons”……
  • Your New Antique – Sirens – a bit Bunnymen, a bit Goth – quite enjoyable…..
  • Twin Atlantic – Make A Beast of Myself – anthemic indie…..will get the yoot bouncing up and down in a maddening mix of celidh and glasto lighter waving
  • Sinister Chuckles – Tony Thornborough’s Sock – allegedly whenever I play “prog-rock” on the radio a certain DJ performs heinous and unprintable actions with a piece of hosiery – despite being mentioned by name in this tune I wish to absolve myself completely of any association with this hedonistic, nay onanistic, piece of tomfoolery…..
  • Twisted Hand – a pile of studio recordings from Mike Leigh’s “other band” after The Fall – not had chance to properly listen yet but all great.
  • Kill Pretty – some new recordings have emerged with L Gott of James playing with Moss, Duttons and Leigh – all great and worthy of some airplay in due course

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