Music Diary #49

The onrush of new music continues unabated – listed below are short notes on the best of what has come through the ethernet over the last week – there has been a lot more but it all tends to sound generic indie these days and there is not an ounce of newness about it, so a lot of that suffers the vengeance of the delete button……

  • Vladimir – four piece from Dundee – debut single (their EP from last year was very good indeed) – reviewed elsewhere on the blog
  • Bjork – a couple of remixes of tracks from the Biophilia album – passable
  • Flats – Country Single – released 23rd April – post punk screamo …. most enjoyable
  • Dan Sartain – Single – I’m Aware/Indian Massacre – released 14th May – punky garage
  • Paws – Mislead Youth EP – released 14th May – punky……very good indeed
  • The Pond – Circle Round A Tree – released 21st May – dream pop…whatever that is…..
  • The Blue Jays – Honeywell –  – they are from Liverpool, and you can tell……. possibly a slow burner
  • The Reveres – two tracks from Manchester band……..a light shining in a dark April night
  • Robert Ziino – A Perfectly Futile Gesture – weird electronica from Italy…barking mad
  • The Ascension – New EP  “Blood on the Rose” –  – recorded at 6dB in Salford.  Launch date for the EP is May 9th at the Kings Arms. New drummer sorted and Doug and Neil are in fine form on this set of excellent tunes – a tad polemical in parts and some diversions from the established sound of the band – highly recommend
  • The Lines – Manchester Band – new EP – No Illusion – touring with The Rainband in a unique set up where the fans get to chose who plays first. Not had a chance to properly listen to this but there are some promising sounds.
  • The Perennials –   an Indie/folk/rock band based out of Spokane, Wa. “The band formed as a duet with Pete and Amanda Wells and then soon expanded with drummer Aaron Hamel. Although additional members have come and gone, the three have remained the core. Their unique sound capitalizes on strong, vocally driven melodies layered with harmonies and supported by intricate guitar lines, hard hitting drums and delicately understated piano pieces.” Good quality Americana with a bit of a twist.
  • Salford Media City – five  tracks came in – very impressive and one of the songs of the year has to be the joyous “Doing Stuff Is Fun”….the potty mouthed “Blackburn Rovers” is impossible to play on the radio!
  • The Membranes – AAA Single released as part of Record Store Day – some not safe for radio – manic stuff from Mr Robb and his compadres…
  • Trojan Horse – Fire EP –  the lead track is a refreshing blast to the senses – a  manic agglomeration of Black Flag and Frank Zappa,  there is a straight cover of CSNY’s “Ohio” which I am still trying to get my head round, an acoustic version of  “Disciplining The Reserve Army”, a remix of “Reggae” (by From the Kites of San Quentin) and a couple of ambient/glitchy remixes of “Fire”. Fascinating.
  • Moving Magnets – four piece from Carlisle……punk/indie…….. impressive
  • Coldside – urban/indie/electro cross over from Manchester.…..a bit too pop for me.
  • Mike Gatto Band – Fast Cars and Razorblades – new demo – from Ambicon –  above average indie.
  • Paul Weller – New Single – When Your Gardens Overgrown – not sure what the Modfather thinks he is up to these days – most odd….
  • Little Comets – New Single – Jennifer – indie pop
  • Straight Lines –  New Single –  Commitments – indie pop
  • Rumour – Demo Track – Set It Off – band from North Wales – Indie Rock
  • Johnny Cooper – Single – Moving On – Americana/Hard Blues…requires further investigation…..
  • Head 13 – Demo Tracks – Metal band from Liverpool – most impressive….
  • Glory For An Idol – EP sample track – Hardcore Metal from Salford….most enjoyable sound
  • The Fall – Night of the Humerons – comprised of a new track called “Victrola Time” (also known as Damflicters on set lists) and live version of “Taking Off” from the back end of the 2011 tour (with Tim Presley on guitar – i’m guessing it’s from the Chester gig). Victrola comprises manic synth riffing and outrageous vocals from MES……almost a PIL era Lydon howl at the beginning….the usual motorik repetition which has been the backbone of The Fall’s work for 32 years. “Taking Off” features some post production additional vocals methinks……

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