Lava Louts

To celebrate the release of The Mekkits! debut double album they are releasing 4 free singles via in the lead up to the release date.

Accompanying music videos for each single will also be released.

1. Brave Little Boy (Released – 14/05/12)2. This Town (Released – 16/05/12)
3. End Of The World Blues (Released – 21/05/12)
4. History (Released – 23/05/12)

Science Fiction Theatre Records second album release of 2012 is ‘Pompeii / Vesuvius’ by The Mekkits! It’s the first time they have released a double album  On once side there is Pompeii which bounds its way into your hearts, a true modern pop classic of an album juxtaposed by its evil twin Vesuvius with its often haunting music, melodies and lyrics   which is a side to the band you may not yet be familiar with.

The Mekkits! have been working on this album for almost 2 years

Album launch at St. Philip with St. Stephen Church in Salford on 25th May 2012
You can also catch The Mekkits! at this years Kendal Calling festiva

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