And we grow as one……

The Ascension’s third EP “Blood Upon The Rose” – demonstrates a faultless progression from their initial recordings.

Their polemic ridden, sometimes intense, post-punk electronica may not be to everyone’s taste but I find it to be increasingly relevant and entertaining.

Their muscular bass driven approach is never more apparent than on this release – recorded without a drummer the production skills of “Ding” Archer are in full flow here as banks of synthesizers float over busy and insistent rhythms to create a fascinating, and modern collection of tunes. That’s not to say that  guitar does not feature – the last four tracks in the package are replete with intense keening and riffing guitars and feedback.

There most potent release so far lyrically – although I did in the review of the last release “New Renaissance” advise that they were “brutally frank, angry, and politically astute” I have to say things have moved on a tad. Someone needs to articulate the utter despair of our hard hit communities and this band do a damn good job at capturing the anger and hopelessness of life under the chillaxing world of Dave and Nick, and they do it without the obvious political badges, which I find to be particularly appealing. This is social commentary in rock at it’s very best. You can dance to it and it makes you think.

The song construction is altogether more considered and their is light and shade amongst the intensity of delivery which shows a clear development. There is enough variety here to keep even the most jaded audiophile happy.

Many congratulations to Doug and Neil for delivering this excellent package, welcome to Aaron the new drummer,  and kudos to Mr Archer for another excellent piece of production.

Highly recommended!

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