Pier Pressure

The Distractions will release their 2nd album, The End Of The Pier (32 years after the critically acclaimed Nobody‟s Perfect), via Occultation Recordings on 21st August.

Available as a 180g vinyl limited edition as well as CD and download, The End Of The Pier will be released just a few days upfront of The Distractions only UK shows in 2012 when they headline The Occultation End Of The Pier shows (also featuring Factory Star and The June Brides) at the Kings Arms, Salford  on August 31st and September 1st.

The Distractions are one of the most revered yet lost bands of the “new wave” era – their classic You‟re Not Going Out Dressed Like That EP was followed by the seminal Factory single Time Goes By So Slow when they also shared the bill with the likes of Joy Division, Magazine and Buzzcocks. On the back of that, they signed to Island Records and released a clutch of singles upfront of their début album Nobody’s Perfect which, despite being heaped with critical plaudits, failed to match sales expectations. Shortly afterwards Steve Perrin quit – ultimately relocating to New Zealand – and the band imploded during 1981. Singer Mike Finney went on to work with The Art Of Noise while other members went their disparate ways.

One of the most promising bands ever to emerge from Manchester was no more.


In 2010, The Distractions re-emerged with a low-key EP (Black Velvet) on Occultation comprising tracks recorded in the mid ’90s before Finney and Perrin reunited in the studio to record three new tracks that became the Come Home 12” vinyl EP (also on Occultation).

A year later, a studio in Exeter and after four days Finney and Perrin had laid down the basic tracks for The End Of The Pier with Mike Kellie (drums), Arash Torabi (bass) and producer Nick Halliwell (guitar and vocals).

Steve Perrin “Being geographically challenged as we are means The Distractions is more occasional than full time; then again, long-awaited could also adjectivally apply to this album – Dexys look like they’ve rushed their new record, it‟s only 26 years since their last”.

Mike Finney “I rather like the idea of a world tour but it‟d interfere with watching my son‟s football practice. Besides taking time off work is a bit tricky, so we‟ve had to forego six weeks traversing North America in a bus and settle for two shows in Salford”.

As on The End Of The Pier, the line-up is original Distractions Mike Finney (vocals) and Steve Perrin (guitar/vocals) joined by Nick Halliwell (guitar/vocals, The Granite Shore), Arash Torabi (bass, Granite Shore, June Brides) and Mike Kellie (drums, The Only Ones/Spooky Tooth/etc. etc.)

 The Distractions second album, The End Of The Pier, will be available on limited edition 180g vinyl/CD/DL at the end of August 2012.
 The June Brides new 7″ Moon / Cloud is out on Occultation/Slumberland on 25/6/12
 A Factory Star 10″ mini-album is due for release during the summer.

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