Some things that I liked this week……

It’s all been a bit of mad rush over the last few weeks so i’m taking the opportunity of a wet and cold July evening to catch up on a few things……

Anyway the first column in the Salford Advertiser finally saw the light of day this week – I will be in the paper fortnightly from now on….. not sure if the sub-editor quite got the ironic tinge regarding the anthem thing…..also my show is not day time…..

Already mentioned elsewhere that I am very impressed by Girl Peculiar’s new single “Believe” – it’s our recommended “Local Track of the Week” on Salford City Radio next week so it should get some repeat plays. Tune in and catch it if you can – it’s rather special. In parallel my top for the top record for next week is Daystar’s new single “Don’t Need This”.

Got sent links by a band called Tape ( whose singer and keyboard player – Toby – is Salford born and bred. Nice sound and well worth checking out.

I heavily featured the Doctrines first release “O this body of mine I renounce you your style is a crime” last year and I shall be doing the same with their new release “Ze” (ir is it “ZE”?) – I have already played the opening track “Climbing Yggdrasil” a few weeks back…..they are certainly one of the better bands on the circuit at the moment ….. bandcamp link

Ian Breen of Borland (and countless other bands too numerous to mention) also recommends highly a Sheffield band called Wooderson  (there is an in-joke amongst my friends about this name …..) i’ve sort of had them in the listening pile for a while now and finally got round to listening tonight – impressive post rock grandeur in an anthemic stylee with a touch of prog in there also ….and you can sample a couple of track for free here –

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