The Vein Across The Bone……

Imagine a world where all the genres of music you like collide in one band.

In my case it’s a reality – The Blimp effortlessly merge prog, psychedelia, punk, post-punk and a degree of motorik intensity, plus a touch of jazz.

Their new EP 4.3 is breathtakingly excellent.

The opening “Chicken of the Sea” is a glorious instrumental piece, both evocative and celebratory. Second up is  the manic and speedy “Regime Change” which is pure Blimp dynamic with a thunderous bass riff from Ken and a suitably wacked out guitar solo from The General,  Mike Leigh is at his percussive best, with splash cymbals galore, and a busy driven pulse. Lyrically apposite and utterly compelling. Track three “Miniature” is utterly brilliant with a nod towards HMHB with its culturally relevant listings and a busy nervous rhythmic workout, and a clever musical joke at the end. The band really excel at this high tempo punky stuff.

However all of that preceding – albeit excellent – is somewhat left in the shade by the epic and rather majestic “Snowglobe” – in the same vein as the bands “Rifleman” track, this is sublime. I remarked upon the song  in a review of a debut live performance a couple of years back – and they have captured that live feel in an excellent reading. Sexy and surreal, hypnotic and intense, it channels a  kraut-rock sound through bubbling bass and drums – with a narrative vocal.  The General’s lyrics reflect, to some degree, the aforementioned Rifleman with the use of “ice” as subject matter, but this is altogether more abstract lyrically, which adds to the sense of mystery that hangs over the track.  The stunning middle section with a busy guitar solo, gut-wrenching bass licks, and scattered percussive fills morphs through a funky workout into a surprise ending. Frankly I could have done with another three or more minutes but I guess we’ll get that in a live setting.

No physical release date yet but you can listen in on Mixcloud here 

Highly recommended!

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