World of Jazz – 30th August 2012

I am so very happy this week to be including some local jazz music in the show – something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am featuring two tracks by local fusion band Optimystik Visionaries who hail from Stockport.

In addition the featured artist of the week is Freddie Hubbard.

You will be able to stream the show from here after it is broadcast……..

1 Optimystic Visionaries Fire Dance Album
2 Freddie Hubbard Weaver of Dreams Ready for Freddie
3 John Stubblefield Serenade to the Mother Land Bushman Song
4 Horace Parlan Back from the Gig Happy Frame of Mind
5 Freddie Hubbard The Return of the Prodigal Son Backlash
6 Gary Bartz Dark Nebula Another Earth
7 Eddie Henderson Galaxy Sunburst
8 Optimystic Visionaries Optimystic Vision Album
9 Freddie Hubbard Crisis High Energy
10 Eero Koivistionen Altered Things Altered Things

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