Pop Electro Dance

Artist : U.A.

Title :  Addict

U.A. are a 3-piece band  of two brothers and one sister (Kristian, Ash and Vicky)  from Swansea, but currently residing in East London,  who write, produce and perform music. This is their first release.

They say that they bridge the gap between the underground party scene, whatever that may be, and the mainstream……where they aspire to be. They advise that they have a sound which is not suffocated by genre and blend soul, hip-hop and pop with electro dance ……it appears that U.A. stands for Undeground Ally.

Infectious and brash pop electronica, with a slight tinge of a dub-step/grime sound in the synth parts…..good for getting people of their bottoms and working their mojo’s I think…..worth a look if you are into the poppier side of electronica akin to The Imogen Styles and Positronik.

More info about them on Facebook

Twitter is: @U_Ally_

Anyway here is the tune


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