Aural Delights Podcast #01

Following my recent departure from Salford City Radio the idea from now on is to spend more time putting together new music podcasts to share with you and do the occasional special on key artists from the Greater Manchester Conurbation. I was going to have a week off to collect my thoughts but there is so much new stuff in that I will never catch up if I don’t shift this lot out to you……….so this is the blog that goes along side the upload which you can get direct from here

So to kick off a round-up of new things that have been sent my way in recent weeks:

  • Rapid Pig – Happy Valley – Wildlife – from the soon to be released debut album from the local psyche/kraut-rock meisters who are affectionately known as “The Pig” around these parts. Featuring John Paul Moran of Factory Star/Blue Orchids (keyboards) , and Tim Lyons of Sandells (bass)  together with Phil Lewis on Guitar, Simon Mawson on drums and mesmerising front main Eoin O’Connor the band not only conjurs up an eclectic stew of underground rock influences but also can make you dance. Add to that the deep imagery of O’Connor’s lyrics and you have a remarkable sound indeed. The album is a revelation and this is a stand out track from it.
  • Cody Chesnutt – Don’t Wanna Go The Other Way – recently released single.  From the new album “Landing On A Hundred” . Originally from Atlanta and now located in Talahasseee…Chestnutt’s modern take on R&B is refreshing and very listenable.
  • Bjork – Biophilia Remix Series #8 – Mutual Core (These New Puritans featuring Solomon Is Song) – Out on November 12th – yet another remix however this one really caught my attention as something a little special. The “Bastards” remix album of Biophilia album is out on 19th November.
  • Stubborn Heart – Starting Block – Single which came out on November 5th – Luca Santucci & Ben Fitzgerald delivering their own blend of Electronic Soul. The album came out on November 5th. For some reason I imagined a cross-fertilisation of Radiohead and Bryan Ferry when I heard this.
  • HK119 – Snowblind (Radio Edit) – single to be released on December 3rd. HK119 is the alter ego of Finnish multimedia artist, singer and recording artist Heidi Kilpeläinen. Fascinating mix of influences and styles – check out the album “Imaginiture”
  • Amida – My Life As A Trashcan – My Life As A Trashcan – A Manchester band who have produced a string of excellent releases on Bandcamp.
  • Ektoise – Dissolved (Le Angustia Epoca by Subsea) – Distortions – the Brisbane post rock maestros return with a set of re-imaginings of their second album Kiyomizu.  Grab it from Bandcamp for nowt

  • Modern Blonde – Plague – a recent release from the Salford electro trio – getting very mean and moody on this one……

  • Richard Quirk – I’m Not Ready For You Not To Be Here/Porcupine Soft – Drawing The Footpath Of The Sun – from the Isle of Man’s Command to Destroy lable a solo album from The Chasms Richard Quirk – beautiful ambient work

  • Moff Skellington – A Season of Sweating and Farting – Sperm Jingle Harvest –  as with the radio broadcasts I intend to continue to feature a Moff moment in every podcast – you can acquire a lot Mr Skellington’s back catalogue here. This particular album was released on Invisible Girl Records in February 2010.
  • Cabaret Voltaire – Baader Meinhof – Listen Up With – I came across this compilation CD whilst searching through some old boxes of CDs and thought I would share this classic piece of early Cabs……amazing that most of this was done on analogue gear.
  • U.A. – Addict – debut single from Swansea brother and sister trio as blogged here.
  • Dead Sea Apes and Black Tempest – Grey Alphabets – Solar Maximum – as reviewed elsewhere on this blog a track from the marvellous collaboration of the two artists
  • Kult Country – Slowburn – new Manc artists that Tony Thornborough brought to my attention – of the current ilk of reverbed bathed dreamy neo-psyche uber-pop that is currently the fad in these boroughs – a touch of post-punk sensibility – seems that those arty lot at Sways are going to release something by them soon if you can believe what you read elsewhere…..
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Their Helicopters Sing – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! – back and full of the usual GY!BE cinematic post-rock in your face intensity…..well worth the wait….
  • Noyce – Lucy – Moment’s Good – Manchester/Sheffield outfit about I know not a jot other than they seem to be able to conjure up a remarkable sound and are released on Perth based Sunday records

  • Periscope – Sleep – Mr Swinny in fine form – album due soon I am advised.  Hoorah……!
  • Fraser King – War Song – Idle Class Debris – from the new limited edition cassette….. a mixtape of oddities, commodities, hits and near misses being launched into the ether at Night and Day, Saturday 10th November. The cassette includes 14 unreleased tracks interspersed with snippets of police interview tapes!
  • Plantagenet 3 – Theme from an imaginary western – London based Richard Lanyon (guitar, tunes), Tasha V (bass) and a pair of 1980s drum machines producing what they describe as  a misguided combination of Spaghetti Western soundtracks, 1960s surf guitar and minimalist post-rock. Well I liked it a lot.

  • Skeleton Suite – Mediocre Poetry – when Hans Island concluded in early 2012 Ben Robinson(Drums) and Dean Glover(Guitars) from the band got together with Jack Gibbard (Bassist) and Lewis Brookes(Vocals / Guitar) to create this new group. From their debut EP “§”

  • Wailer Pilot Study – High Horses – another fine track from Stephen and Keiran.

  • Circle of Reason – Chasing The Sun – an Alt/Rock, prog band from the Southampton. Theyhave three singles out at the moment called Chasing The Sun, Sea of Voices and their latest release Silver Scene.They are all available to download from itunes as well as other online outlets such as Amazon, Spotify,, Deezer etc.
    They are releasing their first EP entitled A Favour For A Stranger in December which is available for pre order from their Big Cartel store and I-Tunes.

  • Palomino – A.A. U.U.I.D.M – Formerly operating under the band name Doldrums the group formed back in March 2011 all meeting each other whilst studying Popular Music and Recording at Salford University. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength building their reputation on the live scene in Manchester and recording their debut EP respectfully titled ‘We Were Doldrums’ as a tribute to their previous band name.
  • Brouhaha – Cheap Champagne – a 7 piece band that live in Manchester and initially practices and played predominantly in basements, kitchens and gardens. Formed turbulently in November 2011, they have flung together a mandolin, trumpet, piano alongside 4 part harmonies resulting in a hastily melodic ruckus – they say.
  • Sinister Chuckles – Nelson’s Other Eye – the ever prolific Shaun “Ali Bongo” Maxwell discursing on the ocular proclivities of our famous seaman.

  • Moongoose – Rush Hour –  a brand new and exclusive  track especially recorded for GFORCE SOFTWARE.  The band has been fans of GForce for many years and their products form the backbone of many of their tunes. All the instruments used are manufactured by GFORCE SOFTWARE and include: impOSCar 2, Minimonsta, Oddity, VSM Virtual String Machine & M-Tron Pro (with Streetly Tapes, Optitron & Chambertron expansion packs). The track will feature on the new MOONGOOSE album ‘MISSIVES FROM THE MEMORY MACHINE’, due for release Jan 2013.

  • Broadcaster featuring Peggy Seeger – Bad Bad Girl – the second single from Broadcaster’s acclaimed album ‘Folksploitation’ featuring folk icon Peggy Seeger. Released via Red Grape Records on November 26th the single is the follow up to First Time Ever.
  • Public Service Broadcasting – Everest – Fresh from the success of  The War Room   EP ,  Public Service Broadcasting  are moving ever upwards, this time setting their sights on the summit of Everest. Following their collaboration with the BFI for The War Room, J. Willgoose, Esq. & his drumming companion Wrigglesworth have teamed up with Studio Canal Plus to adapt the 1953 feature-length documentary ‘The Conquest of Everest’. The stunning film was shot by expedition member George Lowe, and recounts Hillary, Tenzing et al’s successful ascent of the tallest mountain in the world. PSB weave together the lyrical commentary from the film with a soaring soundscape of glacial synths, propulsive drumming and triumphant brass, to compelling effect. Completing the package are remixes from BlindIron Butterflies and PSB’s very own Wrigglesworth. Released 12th November.
  • Caviare Days – The Lucky Ones – as blogged about elsewhere on here
  • Easter – Holy Island – Innocence Man – from the excellent debut album.

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