Aural Delights Podcast #2

I had been meaning to slow things down a bit and do these shows once a fortnight but I have been offered a lot of new material to share over that last 14 days and also there are some fine gigs to promote in the Manchester conurbation, so as I am not otherwise busy this week I have indulged myself in another 150+  minutes of musical loveliness……….so here we go again…

  • West Coast Sick Line – 4-3-1 : fresh from the recording studio this very week – the first song written by all three members of the band – and there may be a new mix when they can bothered….a pop departure for Dusty and Co. but with a typical Moonan twist.
  • Pere Ubu – Free White – taken from the new album   ‘Lady from Shanghai’,   due out on Fire Records on 7 January 2013.   Pre-order here:
  • Super Squid – Surf Party – The Super Squid Surf Party – Four strangers discover a strange obelisk, giving them the power of the squid. United as the Super Squid Squadron, they utilize weaponry, martial arts, and rock music in times of trouble. In dire circumstances, they harness the Super Squid, savior of mankind. Well, that’s what they would like you to think. In actuality, Super Squid is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Scott J. Breaud and his wife Carolyn Breaud. What started as a home project grew into a full production experimental rock band. Born from boredom of cookie cutter bands, Super Squid is an attempt to bring back musical purity. The band’s motto: no riff is off limits. Super Squid’s numerous musical styles represent the eclectic tastes of the members. Drawing from 70’s prog to 80’s punk, from Abba to Zappa, Super Squid settles into an approachable avant garde rock. Scottie B. has played in numerous unsuccessful bands; Carolyn has played in a band that she quit because she married the bass player (Scottie B!). Super Squid considers the California bay area as their base of operations. And, yes, they take Tuesdays off sometimes.
  • Party In Paris  – Distraction : Released November 19th …..Formed in February 2011, PARTYinPARIS are a four piece band from Northampton consisting of Jack Betts (Guitar + Vocals), Alex Stocker (Guitar), Sean Gardner (Drums) and Graham Clark (Bass).  
  • Lupine Bell – Sometime Tonight :  formed in the summer of 2011 with 3 members of various other projects of years gone by.  The band announced an introduction via a small string of shows around their local area to an extremely encouraging audience response. They then spent the back end of 2011 and the front end of 2012 getting themselves prepared to enter the studio and make their recording debut, in the shape of a five song E.P.
  • Hennesea – Singing and Dancing In The Rain : Taking inspiration from the famous musical tune sung by Gene Kelly, released in conjunction with the actor’s centennial this year, four piece acoustic rock group Hennesea began life as a duo, (Hennesea – a derivation from the Swedish word ‘hennes’ (hers)) and were formed through a chance encounter when lead singer and guitarist Anna Watts, heard soon-to-be member Jane Devereux singing in a local church she happened to be passing.  Session musicians Marke Keene and Shaun Hughes were recruited soon after.  This debut single  is also accompanied by a club remix from producer Techstyle.
  • Pandovisia – Under The Net : apparently  set to change the music world with their pioneering new album ‘The Last Man On The Net’. The band, who have been dubbed ‘net artists’, explain that the entire album was ‘conceived, written, composed, performed and produced entirely over the Net, in virtual studios, using cloud services and asynchronous communication’.

  • Insightful – Identical Door – The Sky Lanterns Glow : amazing minimal ambient glitchy stuff from Los Angeles – apparently the 20th album – check the work  out on Bandcamp
  • Kurb – Changing Winds – a new track from Martin and Wizz – contact them on Facebook
  • Crazy Arm – Bandalito – Devon roots-punks, Crazy Arm, released this new single, digitally through Xtra Mile Recordings on 12th November 2012. Culled from their second album, ‘Union City Breath’, the song is a speedy kinetic punk rock banger and part of a 3 track package. Facebook
  • Fighting With Wire – Didn’t Wanna Come Back Home – Northern Ireland’s Fighting With Wire  released their  new album ‘Colonel Blood’ on 24thSeptember 2012 through Xtra Mile Recordings this was followed by this single’ on 12th November 2012. Website.
  • Marcus Reeves – Black Tears :  debut single available now through iTunes  along with his signature song ‘Mad Bad World’. Facebook.
  • The Hamsters – Ole Spain : now in the fifth phase with Mr Moss hiring three young acolytes to pursue the Hamster message… at the Verge, Hyde on Saturday 17th November along with a load of other turns I play later.
  • Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Monde Green : thanks to Mr B four more tracks from the Beat on the Moans album which will be out soonish.
  • Kill Pretty –  Raining Blood    – the new single – the chaps will assail your ears on Friday night at the Verge in Hyde along with other artists to be played later in the show.
  • Taser Puppets – Beautiful Song for the Ripper – and here is one of those turns….the classic track from trio from Chorley…….
  • Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Aint Got The App – another track from Dave and Ian….
  • Velocets – Sophie : bass player from this band is one of the new Hamsters….played this before and it went down well and they are one of the turns on the Saturday Night at the Verge
  • Mama Roux – Pointless : one of the guitarists in this band is also a new Hamster – they sent a couple of works in progress through recently but this is the tune that grabbed the ear several months back…….
  • Monkeys In Love – Traffic Or Not – on Friday Night at the Verge from the Valentine Records compilation which is very good……and free from Bandcamp
  • The Bacillus – See It Coming – I can’t adapt to this prison you call society : an Alternative Rock band based in Manchester playing a distinct style of music infused with a raw punky edginess and anti-establishment lyrics. They have recently released their debut album. – on Saturday Night at the Verge……
  • The Lancashire Hotpots – The Beer Festival – new single released 26th November ‘ The track is taken from their recently released  6th studio album – “A Hard Days Pint”. The video for the single, which was filmed at St Helens Beer Festival, is quite possibly the first pop promo filmed at a beer festival and performed in true Hotpots style!
  • Boz Hayward – High Heeled Shoes and Mr Bigg – Edward Edwardly and The Marquis of Flixton – great new album launched at the Anthony Burgess Institute on 17th November –
  • Moff Skellington – Gracie-Doll Effort – Your weekly portion of Moff from “The Corrosive Norm” album….
  • Fall Fan Dave and The Lap Top Dancers – Thank You For The Red T-Shirt – and yet another track….
  • The Boom Da Da Booms – Boom Da Da Boom – playing Friday Night at the Verge….caught the end of their set at The Hope as part of Salford Music Festival and am keen to hear more…….rampant post punkery with a tape machine!
  • Bo Ningen – 4 Seconds to Ascension – Self-titled  Bo Ningen are from Tokyo, Gunmma, Tajimi, Nishinomiya, but all met in London.In 2006 Taigen (vocal & bass) met Kohhei (guitar) at a gig and they formed the first Bo Ningen duo. It was more noise than a straightforward rock or ‘band’ sound and they performed only once – an improvised set . In 2007, Yuki (guitar) met Taigen they started to jam they were later joined by Monchan on drums and the current iteration of  Bo Ningen was formed.
  • Devilman – Elephant Dub – Devilman – comprises of three strong individual talents, Shige (DJ Scotch Egg) on bass, Gorgonn (Dokkebi Q) live mixing, and Taigen Kawabe (Bo Ningen – see above) providing vocals. They are part of a secret underground organisation fronted by the mysterious MR. D.
  • The 1975 – Sex – Following the release of The 1975’s acclaimed Facedown EP last month, comes an even darker and ambitious affair than their debut. Sex, out on Monday 19th November, encompasses the essence of the Manchester outfit’s anti-tribalist leanings and confirms their stance as magpies of culture and sound.
  • Luis Drayton/Toska Wilde – She’s My Beard – Glamoflage (Remixed) – featuring Tamsin from Mr Heart – varda the fantabulosa joddering omee’s…..
  • The Auras – Earth, Sky , Love – The Auras are a six piece psychedelic group from Canada.
  • The Blondi’s Salvation – Dereliction Song – Songs of the New World Order : psychedelic rock from Nantes. Magnifique!  Bandcamp.
  • Ninetails – Momma Aniseed – from the new EP “SLEPT AND DID NOT SLEEP’  which is released 26/11/2012 on Superstar Destroyer Records and which is marvellous.
  • The Tax – Young, Empty, and to Blame – North London based band The Tax, are a  Indie Pop/Rock/Synthpop band. This is a free download at the moment from . Facebook.
  • Nope – Behind The Skullbong – Revision : NOPE are a psychedelic krautrock band from Yorkshire.
  • Charlie Barnes – No Offenkk – Charlie Barnes At Home – Charlie sent this through to me some time back and I’ve been meaning to play tracks from the album – so here we go….more in future podcasts.
  • Black Bombaim – Blow, Vanish #2 – Black Bombain an explosive cocktail of demonic riffs and powerful hooks from this Portugese trio who have a jam album out with Gnod soon which by the sounds of this should be good.
  • Boz Hayward – Naut E Pussycat – another tune from the new album
  • The Centrals – Saturday Night Shenanigans – as featured before – very impressive Manchester band.
  • Ufomammut – Emperium – OVO : Opus Primum -marvellous ambient psychedelic metal from Italy.

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