Aural Delights Podcast #3 – 22nd November 2012

Another collection of brand new music which has been sent my way with a couple of classics in between, kicking off with some local stuff – listen here

A four piece Grunge/Alt Rock Band from Manchester. Currently gigging and working on releasing a Self titled debut EP in early 2013. Described as unique, they are influenced by music from the 90’s such as Nirvana and Radiohead adding a modern day twist taking influence from bands like System Of A Down, The Hives and more. Next gig at Dry Bar, Manchester on 24th November.

Another local band (very local – from Eccles) The Nankeens. Originally members of two separate bands, this four-man outfit in their mid-20s, led by two brothers, their indie
rock sound has no time for local heroes of days gone by. Instead the focus is on contemporary songwriting about personal experiences, not to mention powerful arrangements that make feet and heads move. Next gig Ruby Lounge, Manchester 28th November 2012 supporting the Coronas.

  • Shaun “Ali Bongo” Maxwell – The Magnificent

Fresh and slightly warm from Sad Row Studios – I am advised that this will eventually become a Taser Puppets song.

Otherwise Manchester resident  Michael J Watson who writes songs, plays synthesizers and the violin. From the release “Something Different” which is avaialable from Bandcamp.

From Cincinnatti – a track from the third album from a trio comprising brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard with Joseph Sebaali.  Who were  signed to Alive Records after sending a burnt CD with just their telephone!

  • Eden Rose – On The Way To Eden

A bit of a rareity from 1969 featuring the signature sound of Henri Garella’s Hammond. Their only album – this being the title track.

From the highly recommended album “Nothing to Write Home About” – by the Leeds Duo – more later in the show.

The coolest soul/blues/jazz band in Manchester at the moment, Tallulah’s vocals are full of pure emotion and the group write great tunes, they are just what Manchester needed to shake the scene out of its post-Oasis indie fog.

Space Rock from Göteborg from the “Disgraceland” album which was released in 2010, I also recommend their new album “Orbits”  – new single “Moonraker” is below

Canadian Punk Rock of the highest quality

Your weekly Moff moment from the “Blue House and Titty Bottle Album” which was released on Invisible Girl records.

Another track from the excellent new album “Edward Edwardly and the Marquis of Flixton”

  • Flies On You – Frying Tonight

Another track from the album

  • The Auras – Desert Dream (Nothing Is Real)

As featured on Podcast # 2 the Auras are a six piece psychedelic group from Canada. “A swirling blend of groovy psychedelic pop and sound explorations featuring three guitars, keyboards, bass and drums. Hitting the stage with love beads, sunglasses and and an unbridled passion for rock n roll, The Aura’s leave nothing but good vibes and ringing ears in the wake of their psychedelic conquest.” From the EP which was released last week.

From their “Crossing Lives” album the proceeds of which go to the 20,000 Lives charity.  20,000 Lives aims to promote the dissemination of defibrillators in France, and to increase public awareness of the need to deal with emergencies. In France, sudden death affects about 50,000 people per year. Featuring Doreen Chanter – Doreen has worked as backing vocalist with Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Bryan Ferry, Elton John, Meat Loaf, Roger Waters and many other artists. She also sang in duo with her sister….  known as The Chanter Sisters.

From the third album “Share The Joy” which came out last year…..

  • Gong – Tropical Fish/Selene

From the Peel Sessions …..the 1971 session with the Camembert Electrique band – stoned madness mixed with prog riffing….

From the 2011 Lounge Lizards….after a series of three LPs which alternated between mind’s eye-gouging psychedelic excess and pine-scented woodshedding of pop tunes, the album is the logical endpoint between both …. “six songs that stick around like sedan carpet matted with spilled Pepsi and Pat’s wrappers, a hard drill that penetrates historical musical hits, like the Cars through Dinosaur Jr through Monoshock and into the cold, acrid air of present times.”

as featured in Podcast #2 – from the eclectic “Surf Party” album…

  • Terrible Feelings – Death To Everyone

The other side to the aforementioned 7″

  • The Low Budget Men – Shining Star

Another track from the album.

  • Boz Hayward – Tech Cop

And another track from Boz’s album.

Previously unsigned but have just joined the Ambicon Roster – a rock three piece from Sunderland, “who grew up together and have worked hard around the local circuit are unmatched in their ability to create anthemic songs, mesmerising drums and addictive guitar sounds all their own. Their debut album ‘The New enlightenment’ is available to buy on iTunes”

From the new album “What the desert taught you” which is out on the 26th November –

  • James Gilroy Kane – Hey Momma

I know not a jot about this artist other than he has already made three albums …… one of which appears on the internet

  • Boz Hayward – Don’t We Bo-Bo

Another track from the excellent new album

  • Flies On You – Vacuuming

Another track the Leeds duo……

  • The Fells – Stimulation

Excellent garage band from Tucson who made a couple of albums – this is from the 1994 10″ “Amped”….

  • Futur Primitif – Nuclear Shockwave

The new project from songwriter and singer Daniel Lefkowitz, former member of American indie-folk gentry The Low AnthemNow signed to UK independent Integrity Records for European releases, Futur Primitif’s first single to be taken from the album is Nuclear Shockwave (INT 037), out on 7th January 2013.  Daniel (voice/guitar) is joined in Futur Primitif by Jared Elmore on synths, drum machine and general electronic wizardry. Their forthcoming album Machineteeth was recorded live with a full band comprised of members of The Low Anthem. 

  • Tumbleweed Dealer – Death Rides Southwards

Sometime in June of 2012, Seb Painchaud (member of The Last Felony, former member of Ion Dissonance, Nefastus Dies & Vatican)  wrote and recorded tracks inspired by bands like Earth & Horseback. 3 songs were created that night and the following night he went at it again, creating two more songs, this time incorporating post-rock and math-rock influences. A few weeks went by, and the inspiration hit again and Seb, who had now returned to his old chronic self of yore, wrote and recorded a few more songs. All these songs were rough demos with simple drum loops and never meant for public consumption, but when he wrote and recorded Death Rides Southwards, he knew he had something.  Out of this   came the Death Rides Southwards EP that was distributed for free on line to get the band’s name out there. Now the band is in the midst of recording its first full length album, entitled Dirt, in their home studio, and plans to release it and start hitting the stage in early 2013.

  • Mono – Dream Odyssey 

“Blurring the boundary between art-metal and neo-classical, Japanese post-rockers MONO hailing from Tokyo, have long established themselves as the leading voice of epic majestic noise. For over 12 years in fact. Their instrumental compositions are powerful, sweeping studies in the limits of the musical spectrum; from rumbling subsonic lows to dizzying harmonic highs.”

Mono are  returning for a full UK tour promoting their brand new album For My Parents. They play Sound Control, Manchester on December 2nd

  • Amen Ra – Dearborn and Buried

Last November the members of AMENRA wandered through the countries neighboring Belgium in search of the perfect inspiration for their next studio opus. The journey led them to the village of Wissant in North France, where upon discovering vast lands still decimated by and littered with carnage from World War II battles invoked the proper stimulation the band needed to create Mass V.   Released on 26 November via Neurot Recordings.

From the Charlie Barnes at Home album.

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