Aural Delights Podcast #04 – 29th November 2012

And here we are again and try as I might to slim these podcasts down to a reasonable couple of hours of your time I am afraid people keep sending me things and it’s all (well mostly) very good so I need to share it with you… can listen to the whole thing here

  • Monster Island – Ether WIP+ – The third video from the utterly marvellous Monster Island previewing their new album “The Retaining Wall” which is due out on December 21st – you’ll be able to get this from Bandcamp from 28th November. The album will be launched at The Bay Horse, Manchester on December 20th – more details here.….
  • The OK Social Club – Gezellig – the new (3rd) single from the Edinburgh band is released on December 17th  on Platform Records in association with James Watt College label Clydebuilt Records..  Formed in the summer of 2011, the 4-piece draw from a diverse range of influences from 50’s girl groups to 70’s punk, exhibiting guitar driven foot stomping rhythms and unforgettable hooks. 2012 has seen the release of the band’s first two singles “The Shape Of Things To Come” and “The Late 90’s”.
  • Frantic Chant – Colour – new single which is released on Dogs Got A Bone on 27th December.
  • The Happy Fallen – Bomb Dogs – new tune from the prolific Mr Neale James.
  • Wet Pelican – Grim Reality – if you were wondering what happened to The Urchins well they have morphed themselves into a six piece band from Manchester and Liverpool. They say “Their musical tastes are varied which in turn is reflected in their own music, from seaside shanty sing a longs and psychedelic sounds to a munsters derived 60’s mash up”.  The band has taken some time out to get writing new material and recording their first double A side which is now available on I-Tunes.
  • FLTF – Daydreamer – “Hailing from Western Canada, and birthed in mid 2009, brothers Wesley and Garrett Fitzgerald decided to team up alongside cousin Ash Militsala to create a casual outlet to make noise and to live the fantasy rock-star life in the living room. Wesley (Drums), Garrett (Bass), and Ash (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer) realized the passion and potential that they had as a group, tried writing ideas, and sought out on their genre bouncing journey to find their niche. With early indie rock influences like Anberlin, and British indie rock band Bloc Party, they learned how to quickly emulate musical ideas they heard, and began to explore the thought of creating new ideas.” The “Daydreamer – EP” is being released worldwide through Matchbox Recordings promotions in the UK, with the help of Universal, along with their music video for the single “Daydreamer”.
  • Flies On You – Dead Pop Stars – a cover of the Altered Images song by the Leeds duo.
  • Featureless Ghost – Flash – “After several acclaimed releases on the Crash Symbols and Night People labels and fresh from their second US tour in 12 months, Atlanta-based Featureless Ghost are proud to present debut album “Personality Matrix”. Until now a digital and cassette only label, Night People have pressed this to vinyl for their (and the band’s) first ever vinyl release and on first listen you can hear why the label were so keen to press it up. Summarising the sound with simple references to influence or aesthetic fails to do justice to the melting pot of styles encompassed here but we’ll try.. Synth Pop, Industrial, Techno, Dark Wave and Electro share the space in equal measure while Elise Tippins and partner, Matt Weiner‘s back-and-forth vocal delivery lends a blade runner-esque future-romance to proceedings with what many are calling some of the most intricate and well delivered interplay in modern synth pop. Cyber dreams and a hazy dystopian future is very much the theme here but the music itself couldn’t be more solidly realised. This is deep eclectic electronic music performed to live midi, hybrid digital and analog perfection.”
  • Music from the All The Madmen lable  (re-)launch this Friday in that London at the Boston Arms……
    • The Astronauts – Seagull Mania
    • Hagar The Womb – Come Into My Soul
    • Andy T – Sophie Lancaster
    • Kill Pretty – Love Twists
    • The Mob – Witch Hunt
  • Peter Hammill – Hemlock – from the 1988 album “In A Foreign Town”….everyone needs a bit of PJAH in their life every once in a while
  • Danny Short – Tell Me You Want Me – from the brand new album from the bard of Horwich – it’s called “Sunset Kicks In” and it’s rather good indeed. Not sure when it will be available for wider public admiration.
  • Eternal Tapestry – Ancient Echoes – “A lysergic dose of head-trippy, fuzzed out amplifier destruction. Ooooozing walls of blasting fuzz guitar, head-nodding grooves covered in tar and filth…. Krauty, spaced-out, bluesy improv that hits hard. In the same vein as Parson Sound or Can, these guys have really nailed the art of weaving improv in and out of catchy riffs, really sweet…” from last years album “Beyond The Fourth Door”
  • Mechanik – Kwangmyŏngsŏng – from the new EP – Velut Stella Splendida – psyche kosmiche from Espagnol!
  • Sinister Chuckles – Drag Racing – a new tune written for T Wilde and L Drayton – will eventually appear somewhere in a Chuckles set.
  • The Lovely Eggs – I Just Want Someone To Love – new single from the new album “Wildlife”
  • Moff Skellington – Madmen’s Toes In Madmen’s Boots –  from Gravy On A Plate Of Food
  • Little Shoes – In The Nightpond – from the 2005 album “Ambushed By A Vacuum” which features Moff and Demmy James along with Dave Challis, Sarah Roberts and Owen Green.
  • Monkeys In Love – La Mort De Garcon – from the Death Jeans album – saw them a couple of Friday’s ago and very good they were as well.
  • Kitten Alone – Dead Men’s Shoes – Paul sent me this message “Kitten Alone are based in the manicured south Manchester garden suburb of Levenshulme, and Cheshire. Paul F – Vox, playing and programming, SuzEQ – Backing vox and harmonica and Strings – The West Point Collective Ensemble. Conceived in 2011 after a particularly vivid dream fuelled by a late night cheese based snack, Kitten Alone celebrates the weird and the wonderful, in the folds of the apparently suffocating cloak of the everyday.  No songs about haters, rolexes or poolside parties I’m afraid; no songs about magic carpets, fake highs or life’s what you make it.  No platitudes maaaan…”
  • Danny Short – Can’t Get Enough – another track from the new album
  • Mechanik – De Tepeznec – another track from the EP
  • Bardo Pond – Side To Side – from the Latitudes release “Yntra”.
  • Busik Mase – Urt – another from the new band I played last time around
  • Kitten Alone – The Thirst as above
  • F.O.O.S. – The Monster – Italian duo F.O.O.S. formed back in 2010 with the specific intent to develop a hybrid genre of rock with strong electronic elements.  F.O.O.S. took to the studio in April 2012 to record their debut album ‘Showcase’. Accompanied by a haunting promotional video, a clip taken from lead single ‘The Monster’ .
  • The Deadline Shakes – Don’t You Be Too Cool – brand new free single from the excellent Flowers in the Dustbin lable.
  • Super Squid – Falling of the Czar – as featured over the last two shows……from the Surf Party Album
  • The Fatima Mansions – Blues for Ceaucescu – from the excellent Viva Dead Ponies album

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