The Top 100 Tunes of 2012 – part one

Top 100

During the year I have been setting aside my favourite tracks, as broadcast on the radio and subsequently on podcasts, with the idea of presenting a best of the year series of shows, as I have done during the last few years of broadcasting.

With the end of the year approaching I recently looked into the folder with the tunes I had selected and was a little surprised to find there were over 300 choices in there – not surprising really given I have played over 2,000 tunes this year. After some serious soul searching I’ve whittled that down to 100 of my favourite tracks. I had to leave a serious amount of good stuff out but the bands and the shows are still available at the Mixcloud page for review at any time if I’ve missed out your favourite rocking teen combo.

So here is a two hour podcast – which, with the exception of a brief introduction from me, consists of pure music and  numbers 100-67 in the list. The order of the first 70 or so tracks in the 100 is fairly arbitrary – which is to say there is no real ranking going on here – I just tried to get them in some sort of order to create a nice flow of listening. There are several artists in this first list you will see on once in the top 1oo and there are others that will re-appear right up to the very end.

The majority of the artists below have a Facebook/Bandcamp page or their own website so with the magic of Google you can track down information about them and you may be able to find some info just by searching on this blog.

It has been an excellent year for music and I will conclude in the last Aural Delights podcast of the year – around the 27th December with a showfocusing my Band of the Year, Album of the Year, EP of the Year, Gig of the Year and New Artist of the Year – but I still haven’t quite made my mind up about those as yet!

What I have noticed during the year is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to build audiences for genuinely talented people – one of the aims of this series of podcasts is to get the music out there and I am always happy to hear from musicians, artists, and bands who want their music to get to more people.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings the link to show is here and the tunes played are

  • White Vinyl – Where Art Though
  • Ninetails – Blue Bottle Flu
  • Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – Don’t Scribble Me In
  • Veladrome – Boys 33
  • Kodakid – Low 7
  • The Ligaments – In The Fallout
  • Tall for Jockeys – Riptide
  • Silence Rises – Shallow Water
  • Glanford – Tonight Matthew
  • The Simpletone – Western Ways
  • Peter Hammill – Scissors
  • The Deadline Shakes – Sweeten The Deal
  • Opposite Sex – La Rat
  • Doctrines – Climbing Yggdrasil
  • Future Of The Left – Sheena Is A T-Shirt Salesman
  • Aperture – Good To Know You
  • Exchange – Future
  • Kindest of Thieves –Amelia
  • The Stagger Rats – Fuzzy Fuzzy
  • Wailer Pilot Study – Duress to Impress
  • The Vow – A Walk In The Sunshine
  • Moving Magnets – Stuck On A Wall
  • Kill Pretty– Love Twists
  • Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton Remixed By AAAK – I am Kathy Kirby
  • Blue Zen – Drifting
  • Factory Star – Weird World
  • Kill Pretty – Clever Men Who Have Thin Arms
  • Trojan Horse – Fire
  • We The Dead – Conjured Curses (Billy)
  • India Mill – Caribesque
  • The Words – Demons
  • The Reads – Galaxy Egg
  • The Blimp – Snowglobe
  • Comet Sands – Andromeda

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