D-Beat Heaven


Iconic Nightmare

Southern Lord

Release: 28 January 2013

It says here……

“Punishing, dark, political, metallic crust that completely devastates! 


Hailing from Wisconsin , Wartorn has been pounding it out for over 8 years. The band features members of: Dresden, Remission, and Words That Burn. They have several previous releases on renowned crust/punk labels such as: Profane Existence, and Crimes Against Humanity.

The production and song writing on Iconic Nightmare is leaps and bounds ahead of any of their previous releases. 

For fiends of: Wolfbrigade, From Ashes Rise, Tragedy

Ultra fast drumming, some sub-bass vocal growling but mostly “audible lyrically” hard rock vocalising, plus a plethora of punishing riffs.  Only just over 26 minutes long and that’s about right for something of this intensity. I’m not normally a regular crust metal listener but this one grabbed my attention as having something refreshing about it in terms of genre specifics. There is some interesting variety between the tracks and within the songs themselves as evidenced by “Six Feet Under” which has a number of slower packages before kicking into D-Beat madness and Lizzy like guitar doubling.

For lovers of loud uncompromising music – I doubt if Chris Maloney’s nan would like it.

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