D-Beat Hell


Live Forever

Southern Lord

Release: 28 January 2013

The Kromosom doctrine is apparently “Noisier, nastier and rawer”.

They appear to hail from Melbourne – a place more associated with a more laid back sound in my experience.

This is Crust-Punk at it’s loudest and most unforgiving.

This Southern Lord release is the first ever compact disc  from the band. It contains  material that was previously only available on vinyl.

Again another release clocking in at just over 23 minutes and again this seems about the correct length given the aural battering that comes forth. Shredded throat vocals, shrill feedback guitar riffery, and drums that sound they were recorded in your Uncle Theophiluses potting shed at the bottom of the garden (i.e. muddy and slightly distant). Fragments of lyrics occasionally slip through the white noise but this is generally a visceral experience rather than one that requires quiet contemplation. I would imagine the mosh-pit for their gigs probably breaks several Health and Safety regulations.

Pogotastic as my chum Mr Doyle would say…….

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