D-Beat Purgatory


Obscene Humanity

Southern Lord

Release: 28 January 2013

The promotional stuff says

“Following their self-released split 7” with Skin Like Iron that blazed the masses in January, California-based NAILS will drop a new 7” via Southern Lord, who picked up the band’s highly praised 2010 LP Unsilent Death.

The upcoming Obscene Humanity 7” reanimates three of the most iconic tracks from the bands’ raging debut 12” of the same name – “Confront Them,” “Lies” and the title track — re-recorded during the Unsilent Death sessions with their more modern, metallic, pulverizing low-end tonal attack. Obscene Humanity will be released in the UK/EU in January.
To round out the year, NAILS will enter the caverns of Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts with Converge’s Kurt Ballou from late December into early January, recording their anticipated next full-length.

The new album, Abandon All Life, will be finished early in the year for a Spring release on Southern Lord.”

Hanging somewhere between punk and metal this is probably the heaviest of the three releases reviewed today – scorching vocals, four to the floor heavy percussion, and hyper fuzzed guitars and basses. On this listening I think I need to hear more of this band as they are rather uncompromising in their delivery and somewhat intriguing with their ability to meld a metal attack with a punk attitude – the insistent riffing of “Lies” which morphs into a mutated guitar solo is rather fine indeed.

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