World of Jazz Podcast #05 – John Surman in the ’90s

Saint Ives

This time around a focus on the work of the great UK jazzman John Surman – specifically focusing on his output as a leader, and a sideman, during the 1990s, with one exception from the 197os. The majority of the music is on the ECM lable which has been Surman’s main musical home since 1979. Surman is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with his expertise on a range of horns and keyboards being evidenced across a wide selection of album releases. He also writes in a variety of styles and the mix reflects the eclectic nature of his output.

Given his massive output of albums, and his similar vast number of guest appearances I have focused on a particularly fruitful period in in his career starting with a solo project and then moving through a range of different line-ups, with a slight detour for an amazing sextet performance from 1973.

You can listen to the show here……

  • John Surman – Mevagissey – The Road to St. Ives (1990) Solo project
  • John Surman – Twice Said Once – Adventure Playground (1991) Quartet with Paul Bley, Gary Peacock and Tony Oxley.
  • John Taylor and John Surman – Ambleside Days – Ambleside Days (1992) Duo
  • Albert Manglesdorff – Triplet Circle – Room 1220 (1992) Quintet with Nils Henning Orsted Pederson, Eddie Jones and Daniel Humair.
  • Paul Bley – Interface – In The Evenings Out There (1991) The same quartet as the Adventure Playground album.
  • John Abercrombie – November – Rise And Fall (1993)  Quartet with Peter Erskine and Marc Johnson
  • John Surman & John Warren – Silent Lake – The Brass Project (1993) Septet conducted by John Warren
  • John Surman – Running Sands – Stranger Than Fiction (1994) Quartet with John Taylor, Chris Laurence and John Marshall
  • John Surman – Iron Man – Morning Glory (1973) A sextet recording from the early 70s which demonstrates the variety of Surman’s output over the years – John Taylor, Terje Rypdal, Malcolm Griffiths, Chris Laurence and John Marshall.
  • John Surman – Unwritten Letter – Nordic Quartet (1995) obviously a quartet given the title with Karin Krog, Terje Rypdal and Vigliek Storaas
  • John Surman – Abraham Arise! – Proverbs and Songs (1996) a live album featuring a suite of choral settings of Old Testament texts. It was recorded in 1996 at Salisbury Cathedral with organist John Taylor and the  Salisbury Festival Chorus conducted by Howard Moody
  • Misha Alperin – City Dance – First Impression (1997) sextet with Arkady Shilkloper, Terje Gewelt, Jon Christensen and Hans-Christian Kjos Sorenson.
  • Anouar Brahem – Houdouth – Thimar (1998) Trio with Dave Holland
  • John Surman and Karin Krog – The Nightingale – Bluesand (1999) Duo with Karin Krog

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