Aural Delight Podcast #06 – 7th December 2012

Vert X

Mopping up the remaining new tracks in for the end of 2012 – anything new received from bands and promo folks after today will be in 2013 podcasts as the next four uploads will be the remainder of  the three parts of the Top 100 Tunes plus a review of the year……

An exceedingly eclectic mix this time around with some Krust Punk/Metal, Psyche Motorik, Pure Pop, Indie, Post Punk,  and also lots of local stuff……. and more tracks from the excellent new Danny Short album ……

No verbals from me due to simple lack of time…….links are provided where I have them……not had time to do notes on the artists due to other commitments…’ll have to use your Google skills……!

Listen here….

  1. Sex Hands – Chandler In A Box
  2. King Post Kitsch – Repulsive Sunsets
  3. Aeon Sable – Dancefloor Satellite
  4. Danny Short – New Gardens
  5. Hoda Mohajerani – Raging Waves
  6. J Stever – Summer City
  7. Jesus H. Foxx – So Much Water
  8. Danny Short – Leave You Behind
  9. Jo Hamilton – Pick Me Up
  10. Kitten Alone – Endgames
  11. Little Shoes – Humble
  12. Modern Blonde – Oh God
  13. Nails – Lies
  14. Rob St John – Stainforth Force
  15. Sula Bassana – Dark Days
  16. Danny Short – Aftershave and Perfume
  17. The Nankeens – Who Stole New Years Eve
  18. Modern Blonde – Open Your Heart To The Lord
  19. Little Shoes – The Contraption of My Boots
  20. Wartorn   Overdose
  21. Busik Mase – R.N.F. P.D.
  22. Kitten Alone – Folk Devil
  23. Silverclub – Your Headphones
  24. The Nankeens – Here We Go
  25. J Stever – Under The Sky
  26. Rob St John – Doomino
  27. Kromokon – Systematic Death
  28. The Bloogs – Freezing Rain
  29. Thumpermonkey – My Reality Is Stronger
  30. Vert X – Bad Calibration

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