Aural Delights Podcast #07 – The Top 100 Tunes of 2012 Nos 66-31

The second programme playing the top 100 tunes of 2012…..this time numbers 66 to 31 …..the variety and quality of the music in the programme proves, yet again, that there is a great deal of excellent unsigned music out there as well as some pretty great signed non-chart stuff…..listen here

Lola Dutronic – Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead
Saturday Morning Cartoons – The Ditch
Velocets – Sophie
Luis Drayton – It Must Be Love
Kill Pretty – Mirror Factory
Danny Short – Plastic Bride
Kill for Company – Thoughts Loaded Like Bullets
My Little Brother – Forty Eight Blue Eyes
John Herring –  I Haven’t Got A Clue
Da Mutts – Albion Summer
Lost Cassettes – Beat Motel
Salford Media City – Long Deer Is Awesome
The Ascension – Precipice
AAAK – Trigger Finger
Mr Heart – Amber
Kill Pretty – Kill Pretty
Mama Roux – Pointless
White Vinyl – Shifting Sands
Twisted Wheel – Ride
Flies on You – Schmutsziger Hund
Monster Island – Ferris Wheel
Neuron No – Limonchik
Miss Lucid – Another Pathogen
West Coast Sick Line – Hanging At Picnic Rock
Moff Skellington – Crap and Ugly Toys
Fall Fan Dave and the Lap Top Dancers – Funny Boys and Pretty Girls
English Mutts – Dee Dee Jung
The Centrals – Saturday Night Shenanigans
Kingdom Lost – Stay Together
Bacchanal Party – Torn Shirts And Mini Skirts
The Distractions – I Don’t Have Time
The Outreach Project – Go My Own Way
Lipstick Traces – Famous Last Words
The Happy Fallen – Planet X
Boz Hayward – They’ll Never Notice Sir!
Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton – Glamoflage

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