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Released – 31st December 2012

Loose Hearts 2

The Loose Hearts are from Liverpool and comprise Luke Papini – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Chris Mitchell – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Ciarán Steward – Bass/Backing Vocals and  Josh Hill – Drums/Backing Vocals. They used to be  called “Amy In The White Coat”

This is their debut album.

It’s amazing.

They have managed to combine blue eyed soul with indie sensibilities to create something rather special indeed. They write excellent,memorable and exciting songs, they play exceedingly well, and in Luke have a vocalist who has all the soul and blues of a young Van Morrison combined with the gritty feel of early Bruce Springsteen.

There are any number of excellent pop, blues, soul and rock tropes in the tunes, you will recognise some standard chord sequences and structural approaches and you will be able to discern, to some degree, what these guys are influenced by, but you will also be pleasantly surprised by the way they meld various  disparate elements from separate genres to create a refreshing sound. “Yeah” for example merges great indie guitar with a powerful vocal which is derived from soul/blues tradition. There is some typical indie material with tracks like “Never Let Go” but this is the harder end of the business which when combined with the honeyed gravel of Papini’s voice takes it out of the general mass of bands out there.

What is impressive is the variety on the album – there is an identifiable Loose Hearts sound but the differences between the tracks as the album develops grabs the attention. The shift between the up tempo skanking of “Wind Chimes” and the more studied “Rumba Junk” demonstrates both variety but a consistency of approach.

If you like well written soulful indie rock you need to check this band and their album out as it is rather fine indeed.

Loose Hearts

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