Aural Delights Podcast #08 – The Best of 2012 – The Top Thirty

2012 proved to be an excellent year for new and unsigned music from Greater Manchester and beyond – and here is my top 30…..listen in at this link

30 Cactus Knife – Poppy – an excellent band I caught live at Bongo’s Birthday Bash in Chorley – their mix of americana and northern grit is very hypnotic. You need to see this band!
29 Positronik – Know My Place – the most recent single from our electro funsters here in Salford …..I think the word is “Motown-tastic”
28 Factory Acts – Senseless – saw this dynamic duo at the Salford Music Festival – even better live than on record……a talented band with a lot going for them, and lovely people
27 Premise Beach – Hold Me Now – a piece of pure genius that could not be possibly be left out of the  Top 30 – beggars belief how this did not get more exposure
26 Stalagmites – Zulu – I could have picked any number of tunes from the two releases this year from Brad and Co but plumped for this one for no particular reason other than its very good
25 Kill Pretty – Breakdown Man – one of many selections from the best band in the UK at the moment…Mr Moss’s lyrics on this are particularly good
24 White Rose – You’re the One That I Want – loved this band’s Fanimal EP and this recent “cover” of the Travolta/Newton-John tune is damn fine – a complete re-invention
23 Periscope – Dandelion Clocks – the album will at long last be out in the New Year and I wait with some anticipation – a particular fine year for Mr Swinny who is in a roll musically
22 Rapid Pig – To The Mountain – from one of my albums of the year “Wildlife” – a band I liked, then wondered where they were going to – and then got it again……
21 Toska Wilde and Luis Drayton featuring Tamsin Middleton – She’s My Beard (Bi-Polar Mix) – these pranksters have dominated a lot of internet chatter during the year and this track from the fine Glamoflage album demonstrates their capacity for avant garde tune-smithery. Featuring the ever popular Ms Middleton who turns up later on in various guises.
20 Kit B – Death Of A Clown – could have picked a half a dozen of the excellent tunes Danny Cusick has produced this year but went for this one on the grounds of its melancholic fervour and melodic wonderment…
19 Girl Peculiar – Believe – took my breath away when I first heard it and it still has the capacity to amaze – Jenny’s work has advanced to the point where national recognition ought to be forthcoming sooner rather than later
18 Monster Island – Ether WIP + – how could I leave them out? The new album comes out this Friday and they still have the capacity, endeavour and sheer front to make you go waahh!! Or something like that. A new line up behind Stephen but the general schema is still there. They confound, shock and induce thought – marvellous!
17 Mummy Short Arms – Cigarette Smuggling – an amazing album from an amazing band on an amazing record lable (Flowers in the Dustbin) and an amazing track. You won’t hear any other band like this anywhere. Did I tell you I thought it was amazing?
16 West Coast Sick Line – Blank Holiday – Sounds like a scouse band to me (in-joke) in which the irrepressible Mr Dusty Moonan proves he can rock it out with the best of us. Saw him do a solo set this year and cannot wait to see him in front of a band bashing out his excellent tunes. The album is very good as well…..
15 Taser Puppets – Wasp – saw this lot a few times this year – they write great songs, they are as tight as a ducks chuff and they are lovely people. Although the lead singer is a bit barmy……but has a nice range of titfers……
14 Moff Skellington – Hank Marvin’s Slippers – from one of three albums this year from the Mighty Moff……who has had a bit of a rum year with his “dicky ticker” but I have to tell you he is in fine form and I shall be featuring the new album over the next few podcasts….
13 AAAK – Regenerate – from one of the albums of the year and also featuring the vocal talents of Kin – who I miss loads – saw them a couple of times this year – the second time being both a tour de force and a revelation with the full drum kit in play and Mr Ding playing a lot more bass…..a must see band
12 West Coast Sick Line – 431 – yes it’s them again – I just thought this was bloody wonderful when I first heard it…..a bit Scouse, but wonderful…….
11 Kill Pretty featuring Larry Gott – Raining Blood – having had access to the various stages of development of this track – which was originally called “Hammerblows” – I have say that this is very clever indeed and also it’s part of the new single out on January 1st (see Number 8)
10 Factory Star – Olympian – back with a bang with some new tracks and a minor raid of the back catalogue Mr Bramah continues to demonstrate that he is one of our best writers and performers. New Sacral is this years release and this is the stand out track – saw them a number of times this year in various incarnations and each time they were marvellous – but the gig with the Distractions at the Kings Arms stands out as one of the performances of the year, if not the decade!
9 Mr Heart – Vacuum Head – at last an album – called The Unspeakable Mr Heart – this for me was the stand-out track. Managed to get to the album launch which was pretty damn good and it’s gratifying to see Tamsin gaining the confidence in her music and her band.
8 Kill Pretty – Rob A Bank – the manifesto for the fab four – “anything’s permitted at any given time” – when I first heard this I wondered what they were up to after a few listens and after seeing it live  on around a dozen occasions this year I have come to love it ……Moet mixes pop and politics and makes it work…..
7 Positronik – Don’t Come Crying – it’s a sad indictment of the state of the music industry that this did not top the charts – someone needs to recognise the potential of this band and in particular Jeff Black’s songwriting skills and propel them to fame and fortune!
6 The Centrals – Lack Of Love – this is so good it brings a tear to my eye – perfect pop for the now generation, apart from the fact that the now-generation heads are so far up their fundaments they can’t hear it. Pure genius and a great chord sequence to boot….why aren’t these guys topping the charts as well??
5 The Blimp – Miniature – Saw this lot a number of times this year and each time they just amaze me with their abilities – a perfect piece of writing, clever lyrics, great structure and just so damn good it hurts……
4 Kill Pretty – Dark Heart – if you caught the band live this year and were lucky enough to see this tune you may have spotted an interloper playing a melodica and shaking a tambourine……all I can say about this is that it’s perfect in every respect……loud, noisy, emotional and hypnotic!
3 Easter – Damp Patch – from one of the best albums of the year “Innocence Man” – a great album and this is a signature track from it…..the rest is pure magic, one of the bands of 2012 for me….
2 Rapid Pig – Happy Valley – another track from the excellent album and one which is a perfect summary of what “The Pig” are all about…..maddeningly clever and containing more genres/styles than should be possible in a tune of this length
1 Kill Pretty – The Year of 13 Moons – bagpipe-tastic……if anything sums up Kill Pretty it’s this. Signature Mike Leigh drums, excellent bass playing from Josh, wailing guitar from his dad, and Moet emoting about death, mortality, hope, love, dreams and the future.  It sums up 2012 for me.
Kill Pretty
Kill Pretty

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