Aural Delights Podcast #9 – A Christmas Selection Box

Listen here


  • Boz Hayward – I Remember When The World Was Supposed To End – one of two new tracks supplied by Boz. He will be re-recording this with more instrumentation in due course….
  • Moff Skellington – My Upholstered Flask – from the new album “The Guild of Distant Relatives”
  • Monster Island – Intern Insurgent Emergency – from the new album “The Retaining Wall”
  • Danny Short – Susan’s Lungs – from the recent album “Sunset Kicks In”
  • The Loose Hearts – Can’t You See – from the forthcoming album “Here We Are Now”
  • Bruce Springsteen – I Want You – a classic live track from the Main Point at Bryn Mawr
  • The Fall – Cary Grant’s Wedding – a classic live track from “Totales Turns”.
  • Fall Fan Dave – Clug TV Theme – a piece of Bromwich Magic from the legendary “Prestwich Ennui” a spoof Fall album that never really existed
  • Frank Zappa – The Radio Is Broken – Zappa in full flow from the “Man from Utopia”” album
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Scorched Earth – Hammill, Banton, Jackson and Evans at their best from the “Godbluff” album.
  • The Centrals – Saturday Night Shenanigans – a stunning track from 2012 from this Manchester band.
  • Stalagmites – Be An Animal – the title track from the recent EP from this Salford band
  • Kill Pretty – Mirror Factory – the opening track from the forthcoming “Dark Heart” album
  • Corned Beef – Oppressive System – saw them a couple of weeks back this is from their eponymous album
  • Mark of a Thousand Evils – Ghosts – from the bands recent EP
  • John Mackie – 9.5 Grams – a single from 2012 from this Salford based balladeer
  • Fall Fan Dave – Blue Christmas – from Daves new Austerity Xmas album
  • Danny Short – The Colours of Christmas – from Danny’s Christmas album
  • Danny Short – Celebrate The Day – as above
  • Dave Graney – The Stars, Baby, The Stars – from Dave’s 2008 album “You Wanna Be There But You Don’t Wanna Travel”
  • Super Squid – Zacron 3 – from this years “Surf Party” album
  • Human Eye – Serpent Shadow – from the excellent “They Came From The Sky” album from 2011
  • Featureless Ghost – Biologically Sound Cyber Bodies – Stunning electronica from one of my picks for 2013.
  • Bruce Springsteen – Jack of All Trades – from this years “Wrecking Ball” album
  • Dave Graney  and the MistLY – Midnight To Dawn – from this years excellent album “You’ve Been In My Mind”
  • The Loose Hearts – Everything That Was Here – another tracks from the excellent new album
  • The Suns  The Last Of The Lonely Hearts – the stand out single from this year from Chester’s finest.
  • Boz Hayward – In The Bright Midwinter – another tracks from Boz.
  • Moff Skellington – Hiding From Mrs Maynard – and another track from the new Moff album
  • Monster Island –  The theme of the evening – and another track from the new stunning album from the band.
  • Longstone – Pavilion – from the excellent album from this year.
  • Ste McCabe –Harrowing Breakdown – Ste’s great album “Bad Kitty” was a high-point this year
  • Mummy Short Arms – Whisky Avalanche – from the very excellent “Old Jacks Windowless Playhouse”
  • The Lights – Days Don’t Get Me Far Enough Way – a recent single
  • The Mob – Witch Hunt – great live, and new material planned in 2013.
  • Andy T – Sophie Lancaster – lable mate with The Mob and Kill Pretty from the superb “Live At Tethers End” album.
  • Sinister Chuckles – Master of the Atom – from Chorley they came to steal your women and drink your beer.
  • The Rhubarbs – Guilt – this came in recently and I thought it was rather groovy

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

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