Silver Service

Total Victory

National Service


5th November 2012


That nice Stephen from Monster Island pointed me in the direction of this lot. They are from Bolton and I find them to be rather good indeed.  Best description is a fascinating mix of post-punk and post-rock with catchy riffs galore, great vocals, some spoken word, and a driving beat and elements of cinematic sound. I recommend them to you unreservedly and I shall be featuring them on the podcasts in the new year.

Every track is superb – and had I known about this lot a couple of weeks they would have made it into my top ten albums of 2012 – yes it’s that good! The nearest comparator I can grasp at is the work of the excellent Slint –
however this has a distinctive English and Northern feel to it – there is also a slight tincture of  Magazine in there as well I suppose, and resonances of bands like The Mothmen . They appear to have been around for a bit so I’m wondering why I’ve not caught them in my aural net until now?  I shall remedy that by investigating their previous work forthwith.

Highly recommended – well worth a listen…..

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