Once I Had A Secret Love……….

Luis Drayton/Toska Wilde



20th August 2012

It crossed my mind that this little artefact – which has had some considerable airplay on both the radio and the pod has not, as yet, been accessible in this nice little package (embedded below) as of yet. Plus the recent release of a remix version adds grist to the mill as it were……

What is interesting and new to me is the  bits and pieces that have emerged in between some of the tracks with Luis opining on a range of matters…..almost  a “Central Scrutiniser” role for you Zappa-philes out there.

Notable of course for guest appearances from Messrs Moss and Get and Ms Middleton and of course the universally loved remix of IAKK by AAAK……

This is as camp as a slender jar of chicory essence but marvellous fun and in the title track a bit of a modern electronic classic I would venture.

tw and tm
Beard and Wilde plus fan

And there is also of course the  rather fascinating remix album ….

2 thoughts on “Once I Had A Secret Love……….

  1. All of Luis’ comments above are totally accurate apart from the fact I am no longer with Salford City Radio……..

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