Aural Delights Podcast #10 – Lots of New Albums

Well I was going to have a week off but there has been so much new stuff coming in that if I don’t fit this show in then i’ll never catch up as the year goes on.

No chat from me this week, apart from a brief introduction, mainly due to other commitments, just pure music from beginning to end…..

Listen here…..

  1. Girl Peculiar – Secrets – got a new years’ message from Ed with updates on what Jenny and him are up to in the coming months – the album is due soon – this is one of my favourite songs of Jenny’s …… there is a tune later in the podcast featuring their other band…..
  2. Kit B – Slow Burn – new tune from Danny, Monty & Co – Monty on keyboards on this one as well as bass – thought this was an interesting variation to the sound of the band….
  3. Phil Davies and the Ninja Smoke Bombs – Heart Shaped Lakes – new tune from the ever resourceful Mr Davies… he so eruditely puts is “Phil Davies and the ninjasmokebombs final release of 2012. And first release of 2013. Cinematic space reggae with a laid back funk on the side. And it’s head all the way up it’s arse.” Get it here.
  4. Honeycomb Bones – Catherine Wheel – Two chaps from Hull with a drum machine…..Three EPs to date…..this is a track from the latest one, I think, not much info about them out there in the etherspace.
  5. The Loose Hearts – Boys Round Midnight – from the excellent new album “How We Are Now” – and when I say excellent I mean “excellent”
  6. Whitaker Brothers – Good Love – from the new album “Animated”…..
  7. Moff Skellington – My Little Bag of Compost – from the excellent new album “The Guild of Distant Relatives” which you can now get from Bandcamp.
  8. Danny Short – I May Know – from the excellent new album (bit of a theme developing here) “Sunset Kicks In” which is available from I-Tunes. Check out his other work here.
  9. System Of Hate – Am I Evil – a four piece from Barnsley who cite their influences as Uk Subs, Joy Division, Banshees, Motorhead, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – and as if by magic……
  10. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus Dig – a good reason to play the King Goth – from the album of the same name……
  11. Baptists – Tourettes – noisy chaps from Vancouver who will release a debut LP “Bushcraft”  this February via Southern Lord. Hope to be getting a copy of that to review in due course. I nabbed this track for free from Bandcamp.
  12. Boduf Songs – A Brilliant Shaft Of Light from the Night Sky – from another excellent new album – “Burnt Up On Re-Entry” – as detailed here. Out at the end of January on Southern Records.
  13. Black Light Mutants – Provincial Towns – decadent punk ensemble from Manchester – new album called “Trash Town” available here.
  14. Boy Called Bernard – Get Your Head Together – Boy Called Bernard is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Bernard Binns who decided on a collaborative project to produce radio-friendly, fun pop music… with a twist. This is the band’s first release which features vocalist Rebecca Reynolds. More info here.
  15. Blue Orchids – Sleepy Town – in which Mr Martin Bramah discovers his inner reggaeness – from the 2003 release “The Sleeper” which was recorded in 1993 and hung around in the vaults for ten years unfortunately -but at least it’s available now.  The band of the time featured Craig Gannon, Martin Hennin and Dick Harrison
  16. Earthling Society – The Green Manalishi – yes, before you say it, I am old enough to remember the original……by Fleetwood Mac (when they were good)
  17. The Tax – Cure The Animal – from North London and being touted around by those in the know as ones likely to break into the big time. Thanks to Pete at Ambicon for sending this through.
  18. Effluence – Sour Math – “minging scrubbers” from Lancashire they say. A glorious noise say I. Get more of this from Bandcamp. This is from one of the earlier releases of the same name – check out the new one “Vinegar Stroke” which is very good indeed.
  19. Featureless Ghost – Cover Of Night – industrial strength synth wave from Atlanta – fill  your boots at Bandcamp.
  20. Kitten Alone – Grace Under Pressure – more whimsy from Levenshulme – and more stuff due soon I am advised. Jolly good.
  21. Ikil Orion – For Better R Worse – I’ve played this before but I think it deserves another outing…
  22. Hunks – Pop One – Wes ex of Monster Island back from India and in a new band with Rob Beckwith on drums. This is just a practice thing for general yard-sticking of the direction in which they intend to go – I thought it deserved some airplay.
  23. The Hypes – Primrose – Two sets of cousins from Leeds/Wakefield who generate a pleasant indie sound
  24. Paranoid Visions – Split Personality – Retaining the fire and the fury of punk rock but dashing it with an experimental spirit, Paranoid Visions are living proof that stretching the punk template still exists. Built around the maverick figure of Dublin punk legend Deko Dachau, live they are a show: girl singers, slides, sex, style and subversion and a powerful angry message.  A full on multi-media mind-blowing event that they have somehow transported onto a single that looks like being their third consecutive top 10 in Ireland. The single features Steve Ignorant from Crass on the A side and John Robb from Goldblade on the B side. This is the B-Side.
  25. Total Victory – Churchbuilder – as recommend by Stephen of Monster Island and I’m glad he did from the latest album “National Service” (my review here)  which is out now via Bandcamp. Like so many other good things I am likely to play they are from the peoples republic of Bolton. And talking of Monster Island……
  26. Monster Island – Banned From The Library – the second best band in the universe (after Kill Pretty) and from the excellent new album “The Retaining Wall” reviewed here by me. Get it and clear your head of all the musical slop in it by playing this at loud volume.
  27. Todd Parker and the Witches – Slip Number 2 – Solo project of Todd Parker, founding member of 1990’s NYC/Hoboken neo-psych group, the Tadpoles. Formed in 2010, a decade after Parker put the Tadpoles on indefinite hiatus. From the “King of the Castle” EP.
  28. Ummagma – Lama – no not the album by Pink Floyd (that’s got an “m”‘ and a “u” in it) – this is a Ukrainan-Canadian duo of Alexx Kretov and Shauna McLarnon. and it’s from their Antigravity release.
  29. Red Stars – Red Stars – Ed Blaney and Jenny Shuttleworths new project – this is the  Kardinski mix by Kid British. Ed advises that  the core of group is himself and Jenny  and that will involve a few different artists working with them. Initial reaction has been very positive with the group being described as  “Massive Attack meets Portishead “.
  30. The Loose Hearts – Morning Light (Rita) – and to close another track from the excellent new album.

The Loose Hearts iTunes Front Cover

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