Her Lips Divine…….

Sky Valley Mistress  are a band from Blackburn, lead by chanteuse Kayley Davies,  who happens to have a  great rock voice with a hint of blues…..the band’s style is reminiscent of the sort of stuff I used to listen to in the back room of the Black Lion in Northampton many years back,  so on first hearing it initially struck me  as something I ought to file under “heard it all before”, however this initial assumption was somewhat erroneous, as  the music is very well written and played, and has great hooks, and is definitely something that becomes more interesting after repeated plays.

Sky Valley Mistress

You get two tracks on this initial release, both of which are very good. They deliver good quality rock with a raw edge and the added value is that they don’t venture into the typical histrionics of the genre in that they keep it all tight and controlled with a nice brooding sense of menace underlying the delivery. Particularly the guitar is not overplayed which is always a bonus for me.

I would like to hear some more examples of their work as they are most enjoyable to listen to. I was particularly taken with the shimmering guitar and harp on “Baby Ruthless”.  There are a couple of videos of the band on You Tube one of which features the aforementioned tune…..it’s a bit dark but you can get a sense of what the band is about.

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