Aural Delights Podcast #11

Another selection of newly released material interspersed with a few classics…..just a mix this time round with no chat from me…too busy on other stuff , listen here

  1. Total Victory – What The Body Wants The Body Gets – Bolton’s finest from the new album “National Service”
  2. Lumerians – Burning Mirrors – from Oakland, California and from their “Transmallinia” album from 2011.
  3. Sinister Chuckles – I Wanna Get Pissed – Chorley’s finest from the soon to be released album “Slutch” which is reviewed elsewhere on this blog. Contains strange language!
  4. Sky Valley Mistress – The Day Of The Lion – from Blackburn impressive new release reviewed here.
  5. Peter Blegvad and Andy Parsons – The Devils Lexicon – from last years “Gonwards” album.
  6. Dead Rabbits – All You Need – psychedelia from Southampton from the “Self Destruct” release from 2011
  7. Taste – Blister On The Moon – classic Taste from the first album…
  8. Danny Short –Wood Gee – the bard of Horwich with a track from the new album “Sunset Kicks In” get it from I-Tunes.
  9. Friends of Emmet – 13th Floor – F.O.E. will release State Of Mind in 2013 this is a bit of a taster
  10. Blue Orchids – Sugar Sugar – Martin releasing his inner “Archie” from the “Mystic Bud” album
  11. Kill Pretty – Andrews World – from the second album “Dark Heart” which is available NOW! Check out the All The Madmen website.
  12. Pond – Fantastic Explosion of Time – from Perth and last years great album “Beard, Wives, Denim”
  13. Black Light Mutants – Alice – from the new album “Trash Town”
  14. Dirty Fair – I Should Know Better – from Northampton….and a recently released eponymous three track EP. Spot that Y’thampton accent!
  15. The Low Budget Men – One and One – from the “Crossing Lives” album – reviewed here.
  16. Kotadama – One More Time (Dichotomy) – Aussie brothers with an acoustic as a bit of a preview of the new album.
  17. My Little Brother – Ghost Trains – from the new EP “Hey Stethoscope” ….. which I recommend to you – access it here
  18. Moff Skellington – Birchclot Haggard Lady – his royal Moff-ness in full flow from the new album “The Guild of Distant Relatives”
  19. Kitten Alone – Strong Medicine – more stuff from the peoples republic of Levenshulme – a bit more up-tempo and rock and roll than stuff heard to date.
  20. Target : Renegades – How Awkward – they used to be Hellbound Rebels – but they’ve changed their name –
  21. Effluence – Milky – from the excellent “Vinegar Stroke” EP.
  22. Skeleton Suite – Wounded – from their EP of the same name
  23. Ikil Oriion – Stup!d Retarded – new track from Pete at Ambicon – nouveau punk allegedly?
  24. System of Hate – Parasites In Paradise – Barnsley’s finest giving it what for
  25. Todd Parker the Witches – King of the Castle (Todd Parker has left the building mix) – from the “King of the Castle EP”
  26. Paranoid Visions – Rock and Roll Revolution – Irish Punk Band with guest vocals from Steve Ignorant
  27. Social Aneurysm – Nowhere Left To Go – Swinton’s finest with a track from a new album of demo tracks
  28. The Tax – 99 – as featured previously – another heads up from Pete at Ambicon…..
  29. Reverend Peyton Big Damn Band – Between The Ditches – marvellous stuff from the hirsute Rev from the new album “Between The Ditches”
  30. Hunks – India One – another track from Wes Emmison’s new project
  31. Monster Island – The Retaining Wall – the title track from the new album – and very good it is too.
  32. Honeycomb Bones – Penny Black – another track from this duo …..
  33. Sky Valley Mistress – Baby Ruthless – the other side of the new single……
  34. Black Market  Karma – Head Full Of Fuzz – psychedelia from South East London
  35. The Loose Hearts – Rumba Junk – from the excellent new album – the review of which is getting a serious amount of hits on this blog
  36. Tomahawk – Choke Neck – Mr Patton is back – from the new album “Oddfellows” which is out at the end of the month on Ipecac
  37. Ufomammut – Oroboros – I love this band ……. from the excellent second album in the ORO series – “Opus Alter” – riff-tastic!!!
  38. Ummagma – Kiev – the excellent duo with a track from the “Antigravity” release
  39. Sinister Chuckles – TV Generation – another track from “Slutch” courtesy of Mr Maxwell…..
  40. The Como Brothers Band – I Don’t Like You – from the “Speed of Sound” EP which I must get around to reviewing…..
  41. Comets On Fire – Dogwood Rust – from the 2006 album “Avatar” excellent noise rock from Santa Cruz.


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