What Ever Would Oscar Have Said?

Sinister Chuckles


Self Released

Release date unknown

Given I have lived with the guide tracks for this album – and indeed have featured them on radio shows and podcasts during 2012 – there is an air of inevitable familiarity about this material.

The good news is that the transmogrification of the tunes to the full band – including a proper drummer instead of Shaun hitting things with his foot – has worked very well.  There are familiar tunes from the Chuckles canon including the excellent opener “(A Picture Of) Dorian Gray”.

What does it sound like you ask?

Well  imagine, if you will, that The Ramones had been born near “Dog Trap Wood” and had developed a penchant for strong beer, hot-pot and pork scratchings at an early age and you get a sense of the soundscape.

The history of the band is quite straight-forward – they were around in the 70s as Chorley’s premier punk band – they split up and now they are back. The line up is Shaun -Vocals guitar ,Colin’Poncho’ Farnworth – Bass,  John – lead guitar  and Spook -Drums.


The varied meanings of the title of the album (either sticky mud or, a woman of less than perfect reputation) reflect the variety of music/lyrical content with everything from 70s TV Shows, Screen Icons, Onanism, through to more angry reflections on life in general. “I Wanna Get Pissed” with it’s potty mouthed world-weary view and the celebratory “We Are Outrageous/Schizo” offer two good examples of the intent of the band whilst the closing pair of “Suck” and “Fed Up” demonstrate that they can do this sort of thing very well indeed.

Highly recommended if you like garage punk played well and with the tongue very much in the cheek. If you like The Ramones, The Cramps and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns – albeit transported to the A6 – then you’ll love this.

“We are outrageous, a 70s mess”…..indeed!

Not sure how you can get hold of this but have a word with Mr Bongo here and I’m sure he will assist…..

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